Lawyer destitute for remaining wordless during trade stop in New Jersey files fit opposite state police

These troopers might not watch adequate TV.

A counsel who was destitute for staying still during a trade stop in New Jersey is creation sound now with a lawsuit opposite a state police, reported.

At slightest 3 New Jersey troopers insisted after Rebecca Musarra was pulled over that refusing to answer questions was a rapist act, according to a lawsuit.

Musarra alleges a troopers disregarded manners so simple that anyone who watches military procedurals on TV would know about a legally famous right to sojourn silent, reported.

Trooper Matthew Stazzone had stopped Musarra for suspected speeding on Oct. 16 on Route 519 nearby a limit with Pennsylvania in Warren County. The guard requested her license, registration and insurance, and asked if she knew because she was being pulled over, according to dashcam footage performed by

Musarra pronounced she supposing a papers though would not respond to questions from a troopers.

“You’re going to be placed underneath detain if we don’t answer my questions,” one of a troopers can be listened observant before she was handcuffed and taken to a military station.

Rebecca Musarra was placed in shackles after not responding questions from N.J. state around youtube

Rebecca Musarra was placed in shackles after not responding questions from N.J. state police.

She pronounced that she was a counsel and was not thankful to answer questions, according to

After a moving sell that enclosed Musarra being put in handcuffs, she asked a troopers if she was being detained, and one of them said, “Yeah, obstruction.”

After she was placed in a military car, Musarra was review her Miranda rights, including “you have a right to sojourn silent,” reported.

Musarra was taken to state military fort in Washington, N.J. She pronounced she was patted down twice and handcuffed to a dais in a cell, a news website reported. They also would not let her call her parents, revelation her that they would call for her. They never did, Musarra told

A guard came to a dungeon to ask her what happened.

“I said, ‘Well, a guard arrested me for not responding his questions,'” Musarra told “And a administrator indicated (to me) that was obstruction.”

Several state military questions went around youtube

Several state military questions went unanswered.

In New Jersey, deterrent is removing in a approach of law coercion by “flight, intimidation, force, violence, or earthy division or obstacle, or by means of any exclusively wrong act,” according to

A administrator afterwards watched dashboard camera footage and let Musarra go but charges, revelation “a mistake was made, and to marker it adult to training, and that (Stazzone) was only a rookie,” reported.

Musarra was not charged, and a supervisor, Trooper James Butler, apologized.

The state is seeking to have a box dismissed, claiming that a troopers “acted in good faith and but rascal or malice.”

Musarra, who is from Philadelphia and works for a Delaware firm, told that while cops “have a formidable pursuit to do,” there has to be “some arrange of accountability.”

“Who knows what will occur to a subsequent chairman who comes down a highway who decides they have these inherent rights they wish to assert?” Musarra told a news website. “What happens to them when they don’t have a arrange of privileges we have?”

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