Dutch military shiver encrypted network over purported orderly crime ties

Dutch military have arrested a owners of a association that supposing encrypted communications for a network of 19,000 business and close a operations down, observant they believed it was being used for orderly crime.

The owners of a company, Ennetcom, is suspected of income laundering and bootleg weapons possession, prosecutors said.

“Police and prosecutors trust that they have prisoner a largest encrypted network used by orderly crime in a Netherlands,” prosecutors pronounced in a matter on Friday.

Although regulating encrypted communications is legal, many of a network’s users are believed to have been intent in “serious rapist activity”, pronounced orator Wim de Bruin of a inhabitant prosecutor’s office.

While Ennetcom and many of a users are in a Netherlands, a bulk of a company’s servers were in Canada. Prosecutors pronounced information on a servers in Canada has been copied in team-work with Toronto police.

De Bruin pronounced a information collected would be used in a review opposite a company’s owner, and also potentially in other ongoing rapist investigations.

He declined criticism on either and how military would be means to decrypt information kept on a servers.

On Friday Rotterdam judges systematic a company’s owner, Danny Manupassa, 36, hold for 14 days while a review continues.

“The association sole mutated telephones for about €1,500 [$1,700] any and used a possess servers for a encrypted information traffic,” a matter said.

“The phones had been mutated so that they could not be used to make calls or use a internet.“

The phones had incited adult regularly in investigations into drug cases, rapist motorcycle gangs and gangland killings, prosecutors said.

A matter published on Ennetcom’s website pronounced that it had been forced to “suspend all operations and services for a time being”.

“Ennetcom regrets this march of events and insinuations towards Ennetcom. It should be transparent that Ennetcom stands for leisure of privacy,” a matter said.

All 19,000 of a network’s users, not all of whom are in a Netherlands, were sent a summary on Tuesday notifying them that a complement was being investigated by police.