Traffic updates, road alerts accessible while U.S. 11/15 is sealed for 3 months

Drivers endangered about how a closure of U.S. 11/15 for 3 months will impact their commutes now have a website to spin to for real-time trade updates and road alerts.

Beginning in May, a 1.2-mile widen of  U.S. 11/15 in Marysville will be sealed for 90 days as construction crews work to repair dangerous stone slopes. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has set adult a new website to yield real-time trade conditions as good as road and occurrence government routes.

PennDOT’s Mike Keiser pronounced shutting Route 11/15 for 3 months will be severe for drivers. There will be increasing trade on a road routes and any form of pile-up might have a vital outcome on trade flow, he said.

The new website feature will assistance motorists guard trade flow, be alerted when an occurrence such as a pile-up restricts or stops trade and uncover road options with estimated transport times if trade is impacted on Route 22/322.

“The Marysville Rock Slope Project Website on 511PA can be a useful assist for internal businesses, commuters and other motorists that will assistance us all improved conduct and understanding with trade while Route 11/15 is closed,” Keiser said.

“It is information that should assistance all of us make improved decisions.”

The plan — which is approaching to cost $19 million — aims to keep rocks from adjacent cliffs and walls from descending onto a roadway. The brunt of a construction will take place from May 1 to Jul 30.

During that time, a apportionment of U.S. 11/15 from a I-81/Route 15 rotate to only south of Ridgeview Drive will be closed. Additional work will be achieved when a alley is non-stop behind up.