Roanoke Valley Visitors Bureau website shows record trade numbers


The Roanoke Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau is celebrating nonetheless another tourism miracle for a area.

The Bureau’s website saw an all time monthly record of 88,917 singular website visitors for Mar 2016, an 87% boost over Mar 2015.

The Visitors Bureau pronounced there’s a lot going on right now in a area including a stream Norman Rockwell muster during a Taubman, a lapse of a 611 locomotive, and outside distraction opportunities among other that are pushing a traffic. According to a Bureau, website trade is a good indicator for destiny tourism.

“Our selling for Virginia’s Blue Ridge is operative really good and so distant this year in a calendar year we’re saying a numbers adult in terms of visitation, though a consider that we’re many vehement about is a seductiveness in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is skyrocketing,” Roanoke Valley Convention And Visitors Bureau President Landon Howard said.

The website also set a new record for a volume of visitors so distant for a year with 179,103 singular hits for a months of January, February, and Mar in 2016. For those 3 months usually in 2015 there were usually 100,813 visitors and in 2014 there were usually 79,576 visitors.