TRS trial: Prosecution shows video justification opposite Yang Kaiheng

SINGAPORE: The charge on Tuesday (Apr 5) tendered a video of Yang Kaiheng, who had filmed himself in 2012 observant he ran “an online news site”.

Yang, 27, had filmed a video to enter himself into a start-up competition. The video was accompanied by a brief entrance form, in that Yang wrote he had “started and continue to run an online news media site (The Real Singapore) from that promotion income is generated”. He also wrote that he ran a site – “one of a tip 100 sites traffic-wise in Singapore – together with Ai Takagi”.

He is on conference for 7 depends of sedition for regulating TRS to “maliciously feat secular and xenophobic error lines” around 7 factious posts that targeted foreigners from a Philippines, India and China.

The new justification came to light over a weekend, as a prosecutors spoke to K Sudesh Durai, who complicated with Yang while in youth college. His temperament was determined regulating SMS discuss logs performed during progressing investigations, after that he supposing prosecutors with e-mail records, discuss logs and a aforementioned video. 

Mr Sudesh and Yang kept in hold after school, nonetheless their attribute soured after Yang corroborated out of a business try a friends had entered into together, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sheryl Janet George told a court.

Mr Sudesh also handed over a video of Takagi, 23, that was likewise played in justice on Tuesday. Takagi, who is Yang’s wife, had filmed a brief video shave of herself to contention in a same start-up competition. 

A perplexed Takagi was seen vocalization to Yang in a wharf before Tuesday morning’s hearing. Yang was seen communicating with his lawyer, Choo Zheng Xi while a prosecutors questioned Mr Sudesh.


The integrate had assimilated a foe together with Mr Sudesh and another person. The party had been concerned in a start-up business try famous as Acreet, that was conceptualised as a “giveaway website”, DPP George told a court.

Though Mr Sudesh had usually been concerned in Acreet and not in TRS, Yang frequently spoke to him about using a website. In deliberating intensity business ideas, Yang told Mr Sudesh: “I started TRS … earning about S$4,000 to S$5,000 a month from my website now”. 

“I (want to) acquire more. we (want to) buy car, bungalow”, Yang addedaccording to WhatsApp records.

He also asked his crony to assistance consider of TRS sell he could sell on a website. “We can acquire a initial pot of bullion from my website”, Yang told Mr Sudesh around WhatsApp. 

Deputy Public Prosecutor G Kannan forked out Yang had regularly referred to TRS as “my site” or “my website” and had also told Mr Sudesh he had been carrying difficulty building a TRS app. 

Yang’s counsel Choo Zheng Xi is approaching to review Mr Sudesh on Tuesday afternoon.

Takagi had progressing pleaded guilty to 4 depends of mutiny and was condemned to 10 months’ jail. She certified to edition doctored and fake information on TRS in an try to fan anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore and use a argumentative posts to boost a sociopolitical blog’s readership. She will start portion her jail tenure on Apr 22.