Many Drivers Spend 127 Hours A Year In Traffic

Drivers in a UK’s 25 many undiluted cities are wasting a equilatent of 5 days a year stranded in traffic, according to a new study.

An review into tour times for a TomTom Traffic Index found that overload combined an normal of 127 hours to drivers’ tour times in 2015.

And a problem is usually removing worse.

The investigate found overload opposite a UK has grown by 14% over a past 5 years. 

In a rest of Europe it’s eased by 3% in a same period.

Traffic on a M20Traffic on a M20

July 2015: M20 Traffic Chaos

Ralf-Peter Schaefer of TomTom Traffic said: “More contingency be finished to improved conduct existent highway space and to widespread demand.

“People simply aren’t doing adequate to change their transport habits – such as operative stretchable hours, avoiding rise travelling times, creation use of real-time trade information and perplexing choice transport modes. 

“If usually 5% of us altered a transport skeleton we could urge trade overload on a categorical roads by adult to 30%.”

According to a study, Belfast is a misfortune city in a UK for hold-ups and a 14th misfortune in a world.

Average tour times there are 40% slower than if trade was issuing freely, jumping to 86% during a rise dusk period.

That equals an additional 195 hours a year stranded behind a wheel.

London is a second misfortune in a UK, with trade creation trips an normal of 38% slower, rising to 66% in a after-work rush.

While we might consider we have it bad, overload in a UK is zero compared to Bangkok in Thailand where trade causes tour times to boost by 57%.

In Istanbul, Turkey, that figure is 50% and in Rio de Janeiro, that is hosting a Olympic Games in August, it’s 47%.

Responding to a study, a Department for Transport mouthpiece pronounced a Government is investing record amounts to tackle a problem.

:: Here is a normal boost in tour times in a UK’s 25 many undiluted cities in 2015, according to a study.

1. Belfast (40%)

2. London (38%)

3. Manchester (37%)

4. Edinburgh (37%)

5. Brighton (34%)

6. Hull (33%)

7. Bournemouth (32%)

8. Newcastle (31%)

9. Bristol (31%)

10. Sheffield (30%)

11. Leicester (29%)

12. Liverpool (29%)

13. Swansea (28%)

14. Birmingham (27%)

15. Leeds-Bradford (27%)

16. Nottingham (27%)

17. Glasgow (26%)

18. Cardiff (26%)

19. Coventry (25%)

20. Southampton (24%)

21. Reading (24%)

22. Portsmouth (23%)

23. Middlesbrough (21%)

24. Stoke-on-Trent (20%)

25. Preston (19%)