Vice Media Traffic Plummets, Underscoring Risky Web Strategy

Vice Media has come into a month of Mar looking some-more like a lamb than a self-evident lion.

The ungodly calm code saw a Web trade unexpected thrust 17.4% compared with a before month, according to multiplatform sum usually expelled by Comscore for February, induction 49.1 million singular visitors. That’s down from 59.5 million in January. No code in Comscore’s party difficulty forsaken serve than Vice during that period.

Reached for comment, a Vice orator released a following matter to Variety: “Comscore doesn’t constraint a whole star of viewers immoderate Vice calm opposite all screens and platforms. Since introducing new viewership products progressing this year, altogether assembly distance has continued to grow, with watch time during an all time high.”

The irony of what’s moving this steep decrease is a controversial use that Vice, as good as other digital publishers, rivet in online that’s indeed directed during inflating trade numbers.


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Vice Media Under Pressure

The register that Vice creates accessible to media buyers is indeed a multiple of a possess website,, and a collection of other Web properties Vice doesn’t unequivocally possess or operate, such as and Comscore enables this arrangement by permitting one publisher to radically pointer divided a assembly to another publisher by a request famous as a “traffic assignment” letter. These pacts are typically struck by smaller publishers lacking promotion sales infrastructure; in sell for branch over their traffic, they can have their register represented by a bigger entity with improved entrance to a wider operation of marketers.

But while trade assignment letters are ideally legal, they’ve been prolonged criticized within a industry. While reach-hungry publishers like Vice aren’t stealing these partners from advertisers, these ad buys are deliberate a digital homogeneous of mortgage-backed securities: churned in with a reward register is lesser-quality placements.

Vice has been one of a some-more assertive practitioners of trade assignment in new years, with indeed accounting for reduction than half of a trade sum a association has represented as “Vice Media” on Comscore. The further of name publishers has driven some of Vice’s biggest assembly gains in new years, permitting a association to position itself as a kind of high-growth media heavenly that has helped CEO Shane Smith attract millions of dollars in well-heeled investors like Disney, AE Networks and 21st Century Fox.

But a plan apparently backfired final month when a biggest upholder of Vice Media’s traffic,, unexpected gifted a meltdown after months of sincerely unchanging growth. Distractify went into giveaway tumble in Feb vs. a before month, dropping a whopping 68%, from 15.7 million to usually underneath 5 million.

Distractify’s assembly is built on a notoriously flighty trade that comes from counting on clickbait calm like “13 Irish Heartthrobs to Satisfy All Your St. Paddy’s Day Needs” on amicable networks with changeable algorithms; a website roving high one month could find itself in a tailspin a next.

DECIPHERING VICE’S COMSCORE TRAFFIC: Don’t upset Comscore’s calculation of Vice’s online trade with a tangible assembly for, that accounts for reduction than half of that total. The other half comes from a preference of other websites (any tone not in black, below) conjunction owned nor operated by Vice, that handles some ad sales for these partners only. Comscore enables this arrangement by what’s famous as “traffic assignment letters”; note a poignant mid-year lift Vice trade got when a contingent of websites including Daily Dot were substituted out. Jan 2016 could be an engaging month for Vice, that is losing OMGFacts and Dose — dual scandalous clickbait websites — and exchanging them with still other non-affiliated websites.

Distractify, that Vice has been partnered with given final July, isn’t a usually source of acceleration that has been deflating, either. Several other websites Vice usually recently combined to a traffic-padding portfolio progressing this year are experiencing poignant declines as well, including Render Media, that is down 21% from January, to 19.2 million, as good as smaller drops from and

Vice had to pierce in new properties to a Vice Media network in Jan when a biggest trade booster, Dose Media, changed over to Tribune Media following a $25 million investment in a startup, home to dual clickbait factories, and That apparently hasn’t helped Tribune much, that Comscore reported is down 12% in February.

Vice Media trade has been on a mostly ceiling arena given a Dose sites pumped a singular visitors’ sum to 41.2 million in Jun 2015 from usually 32.4 million in May, finale 3 uninterrupted months of declines. But a Feb downturn is simply a biggest decrease in 2014; had Vice Media been means to hang onto a 59.9 million it drew in January, it would have effectively doubled a Feb 2015 total.

Ironically, itself is somewhat adult over a Jan tally. Despite a further of a new territory targeting womanlike users, Broadly, final August, a company’s trade has plateaued usually next 26 million given then.

That said, Vice has changed aggressively in new months to extent a coherence on Internet ad dollars by a pierce into TV, including a deals for a weekly array on HBO and a wire network, Viceland, around A+E Networks, as good as branded-content prolongation pacts. Vice recently kicked adult debate on that front with reports that a association is now in business with Philip Morris International, a cigarette manufacturer looking to make inroads with a immature audiences Vice specializes in reaching.