New cameras to assistance motorists equivocate trade issues in Wichita


With an additional 30 trade cameras being commissioned opposite Wichita over a subsequent dual years, motorists can be one step closer to being means to equivocate bumper-to-bumper trade by carrying an modernized notice of a internal trade conditions. 

Tom Hein with Wichita KDOT says a cameras will make some-more views of Wichita trade available. 

“We’ll be putting some new cameras adult on I-235. We’ll be augmenting a ones on I-135 and on US-54, so we’ll get even some-more views of Wichita traffic,” he said. 

The locations for a cameras were comparison formed on prohibited mark areas along a highway where overload or accidents are many expected to occur. The some-more cameras available, a some-more information drivers have to ready their commute. 

“The some-more we can tell drivers a conditions that’s forward of them, a some-more intelligent decisions they can make on their route, or either they wish to lay by overload or a trade problem or either they wish to equivocate them,” Hein said. 

This year, KDOT skeleton to implement 20 new cameras. They wish to implement during slightest 10 subsequent year. Combined with existent cameras, drivers would have entrance to some-more than 75 cameras opposite Wichita. 

All trade cameras can be noticed online at camera updates each integrate of mins to uncover we a latest trade conditions. The website also gives we entrance to highway summary boards.