Tech Q&A: Selling aged equipment online, training kids about tech

Selling aged equipment online

Q. we wish to get absolved of a ton of things and wondered if we should worry perplexing to sell any of it online. we know you’d tell a answer!

A. Great question! Before we toss anything out, conduct over to eBay and see if other people are offered equipment like yours and how most they’re going for. In a left mainstay of any hunt result, corkscrew down to “Show only” and name “Sold Listings” for final prices. That should give we an thought of either it will be value your time. Also, be certain to check out these five things that are offered for unimaginable prices on eBay.

Stop carriers from tracking you

Q. we listened on your good national radio show something about Verizon “supercookies.” Can we explain more? Thank you!

A. The tenure “supercookies” competence sound like a juicy dessert, though it’s not. It’s indeed what mobile carriers use to lane all your browsing activity. For years, Verizon has been tracking a customers’ mobile browsing this way. While it had an opt-out option, a supercookie was a permanent partial of any user’s Web traffic, definition third parties could still lane your travels. That’s finally entrance to an end. Learn how Verizon got in difficulty and what it means for your privacy.

Talk to kids about tech

Q. I’m disturbed about how my teen is regulating his smartphone. What can we do?

A. I know your pain. we have a teen in a house, too. Taming your teen’s smartphone use is a large task! But we need to lay down and have an honest review about what is and isn’t acceptable. With my teen, we frequently plead news stories about teenagers who have gotten in difficulty texting while driving, sexting and enchanting in other dangerous behavior. Get some-more minute tips on what to speak to your teen about and good manners we can set adult and enforce.

Make income with your phone or tablet

Q. we need money. Are there jobs we can do in my gangling time?

A. Yes! Two good services for side jobs are Field Agent and TaskRabbit. Install their apps and we can accept jobs holding photos of store displays, assisting someone arrange seat and other elementary tasks in your area. Get 4 some-more ways we can use your phone or inscription to make additional money.

Spot a Craigslist scam

Q. I’m selling for a automobile on Craigslist and found a good deal, though it’s in another state. How do we know it isn’t a scam?

A. Scammers are all over Craigslist, so be clever and stay on your feet. One red dwindle is how sellers wish we to pay. Are they requesting a handle transfer? If so, it’s a scam. Also, if they wish to move in a third celebration that “guarantees” a protected transaction, it’s expected a scam. Tell them you’re going to expostulate out to collect adult a automobile and compensate with cash, and see what they say. A scammer won’t wish to accommodate in person. Get some-more tips for avoiding Craigslist scams.

Bonus: Can we out-scam scammers?

Q. Sometimes when we get a fraud email we wish to play along and see what happens. Is that a bad idea?

A. It’s tantalizing infrequently to play along only to kick scammers during their possess game, though be careful. Don’t do it from your unchanging email residence or with your genuine name. Some people have gotten scammers to send behind humorous messages, stupid cinema or even tradition timber carvings. Read 3 stories about people who incited a tables on their scammers in waggish ways.


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