New website anticipating to bond village with internal businesses, services and events

Roxanne McCallum loves doing hair.  She non-stop 3 N 1 Salon in Benson about a decade ago. 

“Benson is always so bustling with a trade flow.  You usually see a cars going by and everybody is like, oh there’s a hair salon,” pronounced McCallum.

Walk-ins are always welcome.  But how does McCallum bend out of Benson and move in new clientele?  Twenty-five-year-old Trevesia Marion thinks she has a answer. 

“I started meditative about how do we network? How do we put all of this on one height so we know where a tiny businesses are and where a events are and what’s going on in a community.  we usually motionless to make a website,” pronounced creator Trevesia Marion. 

Marion says many internal businesses might not know how to marketplace themselves.  She wanted to assistance by formulating 

“I consider a lot of people don’t go to a internal businesses since we don’t know about them,” pronounced Marion.

To publicize on Marion’s website all we have to do is email her a business label or information and she will make an easy to entrance tab. 

“It usually depends on what they wish to contention ,” pronounced Marion. is a one stop emporium to find internal businesses, services and events offering around Omaha.

“I suspicion it would be really good usually to get some broadside out there on a salon,” pronounced McCallum.

3 N 1 Salon utilizes a website along with dozens of other tiny businesses.  Besides usurpation email, Marion goes out into a village and networks to build her brand.  She does all of this giveaway of charge.  

“It’s not about me, it’s about a community,” pronounced Marion.

Marion sees large things for not usually a website, though for a community. 

“I consider we will have a improved spin out during some of a events and we consider some of a businesses will start to grow.  It’s critical for me to keep Omaha thriving, this is my home,” pronounced Marion. 

If we would like to contention an event, business or use to usually email