Cyber Criminals Snap Up Expired Domains to Serve Malicious Ads

Expired domain names are apropos a latest track for cyber criminals to find their approach into a computers of gullible users.

Cyber criminals launched a antagonistic promotion debate this week targeting visitors of renouned news and party websites after gaining tenure of an lapsed web domain of an promotion company.

Users visiting a websites of a New York Times, Newsweek, BBC and AOL, among others, might have commissioned malware on their computers if they clicked on a antagonistic ads., a website used by hackers to offer adult malware, lapsed on Jan. 1 and was purebred again on Mar 6 by a opposite buyer, confidence researchers during Trustwave SpiderLabs wrote in a blog.

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Buying a domain of a tiny though legitimate ad association supposing a criminals with high peculiarity trade from renouned web sites that tell their ads directly, or as affiliates of other ad networks, a researchers said.

New York Times orator Jordan Cohen pronounced a association was questioning if a conflict had any impact. “To be clear, this is impacting ads from third parties that are over a control.”

Newsweek, BBC and AOL could not be immediately reached for comment.

The researchers also found dual some-more lapsed “media”-related domains – envangmedia.comand– used by a same cyber criminals.

The people behind a debate might be on gripping a watch for lapsed domains with a word “media” in them, they said.