77 Percent of Google Internet Traffic Now Encrypted

As of Feb. 27, encryption stable 77 percent of requests sent from computers around a universe to Google’s servers, adult from 52 percent during a finish of 2013, according to new figures.

Released Tuesday as partial of Google’s Transparency Report, a data covers many Google traffic, with a difference of YouTube. The Web hulk pronounced it’s aiming to grasp 100 percent encryption opposite all a products and services.

Google Encryption

Since Mar 2014, 100 percent of Gmail trade has been stable with HTTPS, a resource that allows your browser or app to firmly bond to a website. As Google explains in a report, HTTPS “relies on encryption—SSL or TLS—to secure a connection,” and offers insurance opposite “eavesdroppers, man-in-the-middle attacks, and hijackers who try to travesty a devoted website.”

“We are operative to exercise HTTPS opposite all of a products,” a association said. “We continue to work by a technical barriers that make it some-more formidable to support encryption on some of a products.”

Breaking it down by product, 100 percent of Drive trade and 83 percent of Maps trade is now encrypted with HTTPS, Google’s graphs show. Encryption also varies by country, “due to a accumulation of factors, including a forms of inclination in use in that country, as good as a accessibility of program that can support complicated TLS,” Google said.

Mexico leads a pack, with encryption safeguarding 86 percent of a trade to Google; followed by Brazil during 84 percent; and Japan, India, and a U.K. restraining for third during 82 percent. The U.S. comes in ninth, with encryption safeguarding 72 percent of requests Google receives.

Google also records that a “vast majority” of unencrypted finish user trade comes from mobile devices, mostly since some older inclination can't support complicated encryption, standards,  or protocols. “Unfortunately, these inclination might no longer be updated and might never support encryption,” Google wrote in a report.

Several other “technical and domestic challenges” are station in a approach of Google’s idea to achieve full trade encryption, including countries that “block or differently reduce HTTPS traffic,” and a miss of technical resources within some organizations to exercise it.