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click to enlarge TDOT's SmartWay website now includes information from a Waze app. - TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

  • Tennessee Department of Transportation
  • TDOT’s SmartWay website now includes information from a Waze app.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has teamed adult with a navigation app Waze to share information and yield some-more real-time information on a app and a TDOT website.

Waze is a free, community-based trade and navigation app. Drivers who use a app share real-time information.

TDOT will join a Waze Connected Citizen Program, that “provides an rare demeanour during real-time highway activity, giving motorists a ability to change their routes, adjust their invert times, and equivocate nonessential delays,” according to a news statement.

“Waze is usually as clever as a information it receives from a users,” pronounced Paige Fitzgerald, Connected Citizens Program Manager during Waze. “The measureless information TDOT can minister on statewide highway conditions, closures and trade within a Waze app creates them a valued partner relocating forward.”

Waze will also share a information with TDOT for a SmartWay website, that gives statewide traffic, accident, and highway construction information. TDOT Commissioner John Schroer pronounced a information pity agreement with Waze will rouse a site’s correctness and called it a “perfect partnership.”

“TDOT is always looking for ways we can yield motorists with information that can make their commutes safer and faster,” Schroer pronounced in a statement. “By partnering with Waze, we’re doing only that.”

TDOT is also rolling out other upgrades to a SmartWay site. Users will now see some-more information on trade incidents, line blockages or full line closures, and continue information that might impact transportation.

TDOT Sign Contest

TDOT also announced progressing this week a winners from a competition for a messages that will corkscrew on a summary play over a state’s interstates.

Nearly 3,000 messages were submitted and 3,700 votes were expel to select among a tip 15 messages. Here are a winners in sequence of sum votes:

1. “Turn signals, a strange present messaging.”

2. “Get a dungeon off your phone and drive.”

3. “Practice protected text. Don’t do it while driving.”

4. “You’re in Tennessee. Volunteer to expostulate safe.”

5. “Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down.”

The messages will run on a beyond summary play in a revolution via a year.

“The purpose of a competition was to give a open a possibility to partner with TDOT to lift reserve awareness,” pronounced TDOT Commissioner Schroer. “Even if a acquiescence didn’t win, there’s still a possibility that summary might be seen intermittently on our…boards.”

In 2012, TDOT became a initial DOT in a republic to arrangement alley deadliness numbers on a beyond signs. In further to a deadliness statistics, reserve messages are displayed during off-peak transport times.