Lorain military warning open of emailed trade camera scam

LORAIN, Ohio – The Lorain Police Department sent out an warning on Facebook about a trade camera email scam. 

Lorain military pronounced a proprietor reported receiving an email from “trafficcameraviolations@Odot.gov,” that claimed she due a excellent for a trade defilement available by a trade camera in a city. Police pronounced if we accept an email like this, know that it is a fraud and omit it.

“First, a City of Lorain does not implement trade cameras to excellent motorists,” Lorain military posted to Facebook on Monday. “Second, a email residence in doubt is fake. ‘Odot.gov’ is not a genuine website nor is it a central residence for a Ohio Department of Transportation. The scold website for a Ohio Department of Transportation is http://www.dot.state.oh.us/.”

Police pronounced a email came with a Microsoft Word request trustworthy to it. Police pronounced it was really expected that a connection contained antagonistic software, such as a virus. 

Residents are speedy to omit and undo such emails, Lorain military advised.