Former The Real Singapore editor Ai Takagi to beg guilty to production articles for profit

SINGAPORE: One of dual former editors of a now-defunct sociopolitical blog The Real Singapore (TRS), Ai Takagi, told a justice on Monday (Mar 7) that she intends to beg guilty to charges of mutiny on Tuesday. Her husband, Yang Kaiheng, is still denying a charges and will ensue with a trial, that will now start on Friday.

In an opening matter on Monday, Deputy Public Prosecutors G Kannan, Suhas Malhotra and Sheryl Janet George pronounced that on a website, “patently fake information was represented as being a truth”, and TRS “even resorted to undisguised and blatant phony in sequence to attract internet users to their website – all with a design of augmenting their promotion revenue”.

They called a website “nothing some-more than a cauldron of feeling and ill-will” that authorised a couple, who married in Oct final year, to “profit handsomely”.

Some of a “contributions” from typical Singaporeans published on a TRS website were also doctored to “sensationalise faultlines and emanate amicable divides”, a assign alleged. The integrate clearly deliberate “accuracy, appropriateness and truth as required casualties” in posterior their categorical aim of garnering high internet trade to boost their promotion revenue, DPP Kannan said.

The 7 factious posts in doubt “maliciously exploited secular and xenophobic faultlines” to attract trade to a website, a assign added. This increased a website’s “enormous” promotion revenue.

The integrate pocketed sums of AU$20,000 to some-more than AU$50,000 per month, DPP Kannan told a court, adding that it was transparent that income was “the coarse motive” of a factious posts, that targeted foreigners from a Philippines, India and China.

Takagi, 23, and Yang, 27, any face 7 charges underneath a Sedition Act for edition articles that “promote feelings of malignity and feeling between opposite classes of a race of Singapore”. The articles in doubt targeted foreigners from a Philippines, India and China.

They also face an eighth assign underneath a Penal Code for unwell to furnish financial statements relating to a blog’s promotion income to military investigators.

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) final year systematic TRS to invalidate entrance to a blog and a amicable media accounts, adding that “the unfamiliar editors were obliged for several articles that sought to stimulate anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore”. Takagi is Australian while Yang is Singaporean.

The MDA also pronounced this was an “editorial strategy” to boost trade to a blog, so boosting promotion revenue, in an try to “seek distinction during a shortcoming of Singapore’s open seductiveness and inhabitant harmony”.

The assign is approaching to call 6 witnesses in a trial, including 5 military officers. Mr Choo pronounced both Takagi and Yang would also testify.

If convicted of sedition, both could face adult to 3 years’ jail and a excellent of S$5,000.


In a matter to a media, a couple’s lawyer, Mr Remy Choo Zheng Xi, pronounced it was “not an easy decision” for Takagi to take shortcoming for her purpose in using TRS.

At a same time, Mr Choo pronounced Yang would be claiming hearing “to transparent his name”.

“This was also not an easy preference for Mr Yang to make: he wants zero some-more than for his calamity to end,” pronounced Mr Choo, adding that Mr Yang will put adult a powerful defence.