Hugh Hefner continues to behind Chicago high propagandize newspaper

CHICAGO — Playboy repository owner Hugh Hefner has renewed a extend to account a tyro journal during a Chicago high propagandize he attended.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Hefner done a joining to Steinmetz College Prep final week. He will continue to present $7,500 a year for another 5 years to cover copy costs. Hefner began a oath to his alma mater in 2010.

About dual months ago, Steinmetz Star tyro reporters clashed with a school’s principal over allegations of censorship.

In December, students wanted to tell a story about after exclusion times. The principal says he hold a square so students could make it reduction “one-sided.” The story was eventually published on a front page.

The Sun-Times says Hefner was a Steinmetz Star contributor and cartoonist before graduating in 1944.

In October, Playboy announced it was scraping nakedness from a magazine.

Despite a success, Playboy suffered from a Internet blast in that publishing is both giveaway and easy to find, reported CBS News’ Anthony Mason. The magazine’s dissemination forsaken from some-more than five-and-a-half million in 1975 to about 800,000 readers today.

Playboy pronounced their new proceed will throw a nakedness and boost a tender intimacy. When a repository private nakedness from a website final year, web trade jumped from about 4 million to about 16 million singular users per month.