Playboy’s web trade went by a roof when it forsaken a nudity

Playboy has a new look: After a adult repository done headlines in Oct final year for a preference to nix full-frontal nudity, a initial imitation emanate to run but (completely) exposed women hits stands subsequent week.

To get absolved of a really thing that done a repository renouned feels like a gamble—but on a other hand, Playboy’s website relaunched as safe-for-work over a year ago, in Aug 2014. It has been reaping a advantages ever since.

After a site’s relaunch, trade skyrocketed—chief calm officer Cory Jones told Quartz that jumped from 4 million singular monthly visitors to 20 million by Dec 2014. Another startling development: a median age of a visitors fell a towering 17 years, from 47 to 30.

These changes advise how a 62-year-old establishment can adjust and make itself some-more appealing to younger audiences.

(PRNewsFoto/Playboy Enterprises, Inc.)

Even a imitation repository feels some-more up-to-date. The front cover of a magazine’s arriving issue, a initial to eschew full-frontal nudity, looks like a selfie sent over Snapchat. The indication has one arm extended in front of her, as if she were holding a imitation with her camera. There’s even a grey bar of content over a photo, that anyone who uses a auto-delete messaging app will commend as a Snapchat feature. The Playboy trademark during a tip is hardly noticeable.

“It’s a approach to reintroduce Playboy to a whole new generation,” Jones told Quartz. “We came on a Snapchat thought [for a front cover] and it was so ideal since it’s an invitation, it’s ‘Hey, Playboy is here,’” pronounced Jones.

Playboy, along with other adult magazines, used to be sole during stands in bookstores and airports behind a card divider. Now, a repository will be sole front and core along with other ubiquitous seductiveness publications.

While’s web trade has been booming, a imitation dissemination has struggled over a past few decades. The magazine’s sum dissemination for January/February of this year was only over 800,000, according to total a association presented to Quartz.

GRPD launches new trade website

generic Grand Rapids Police GRPD night

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Police Department launched a new trade website to yield up-to-the-minute pile-up information.

The website lists all trade crashes in Grand Rapids from a time a pile-up is reported to a impulse a officer clears a scene, according to a recover from a Grand Rapids Police Department.

Police contend once a runner inputs a pile-up information into a system, that information is relayed to a Live Traffic Accident Report website within 60 seconds and will sojourn on a website until a stage is cleared.

The website will embody a plcae and form of crash, such as skill repairs or personal damage crash. It will not uncover highway closures.

The website will usually uncover crashes that a Grand Rapids Police Department is working, so if a Michigan State Police is operative a pile-up on a highway in Grand Rapids, it will not be listed.

“This is a simple apparatus that will assistance people equivocate areas where there is a reported pile-up and potentially equivocate trade behind adult situations,” Sgt. Terry Dixon, GRPD Public Information Officer, pronounced in a news release.

The Live Traffic Accident Report can be accessed by the Grand Rapids Police Department’s website.

Tornado watch extended until 4 am in several AL counties


There are now no hurricane warnings in outcome in executive Alabama, though a hurricane watch continues by 4 a.m. for many of a WBRC observation area.

Those counties in a observation area include: Bibb, Chilton, Greene, Hale, Jefferson, Pickens, Shelby and Tuscaloosa counties.

There was a reliable hurricane that tracked across Pickens County, inspiring Aliceville, Gordo, Beaver Town and Reform.

Meteorologist Jill Gilardi is in Pickens County following a storm. Residents have reported some waste and trees down. 

The primary hazard for tornadoes occurred from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and especially for areas west of I-65. The airmass is a many inconstant closer to the Alabama-Mississippi state line.

If we have seen sleet during your residence today, that is a certain thing since that continue will assistance stabilise a atmosphere.

The some-more widespread hazard is for deleterious winds and complicated rainfall. These particular cells are concerning since they are a storms that are some-more expected to furnish a tornado.

The primary line of storms forward of a cold front will lane opposite a state after 9 p.m. and continue after midnight. The serious risk should diminution after tonight.

We’re still looking during some instability hurdles a over easterly we travel. This would diminution a altogether hazard for serious storms after tonight. We can simply expect 2 or more inches of rainfall in places forward of this system.

This complement is not an outbreak, though we could see during slightest a few tornadoes able of doing repairs with west Alabama many disposed to a serious threat.

Stay continue warning this afternoon. Keep in mind WBRC will yield a special newscast during 4 p.m. focusing on a serious continue hazard and tracking a storms. Make certain we have a WBRC First Alert continue app tighten for updated continue information.

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You can get serious continue updates, including live serious continue coverage from a WBRC First Alert Weather team, on a following Clear Channel/iHeart radio stations in west and executive Alabama:

Tuscaloosa: 94.1 ZBQ, 98.1 TXT, News Radio 105.9, and WACT 1420 AM, 96.9 MY FM

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Gadsden: WAAX 570 AM and Z 93/1 WGMZ


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A web of cyber controversy: UC monitoring of campus network trade sparks snub among faculty

The find that a university is monitoring UC Berkeley network trade has sparked snub among expertise members who see such undisclosed notice as a poignant hazard to privacy.

News of a monitoring widespread Thursday afternoon when Ethan Ligon, campus associate highbrow and one of 6 members of a school’s Academic Senate-Administration Joint Committee on Campus Information Technology, sent out an email to a campus College of Natural Resources’ expertise that alerted members to a designation of a absolute monitoring device in a campus information center.

“The forward device is able of capturing and examining all network trade to and from a Berkeley campus, and has adequate internal storage to save over 30 days of *all* this data,” Ligon wrote in a email. “This can be reputed to embody your email, all a websites we visit, all a information we accept from off campus or information we send off campus.”

When campus unifying biology highbrow Robert Dudley viewed Ligon’s email, it was a initial he had listened of a surveillance, and it was a “bombshell.”

“It sounds like a cover adult to me. It’s unequivocally singular on a campus like Berkeley to have a loyal secret,” Dudley said. “Thus far, we’ve had 0 transparency.”

Several UC Berkeley expertise members initial listened about a ongoing monitoring in early Dec from campus information record staff who were educated by a university to keep a information confidential. These staff forked out a device to associate highbrow of use of art Greg Niemeyer since they felt “sufficiently uncomfortable” with a miss of transparency.

Niemeyer visited a campus information core located in Warren Hall to see a commissioned device for himself and identified a hardware as a product sole by a association Fidelis Cybersecurity. Few people are arcane to accurately what a complement is now doing or a forms of information it collects — one of a many ambiguities around a university’s actions that expertise contend is means for concern.

“Right now we don’t know, we can’t ask and we can’t find out,” Niemeyer said.”The whole operation is covert, and we can usually assume from a hardware we see that it’s intensely expansive.”

According to Fidelis’ website, a association aims to assistance organizations revoke a time it takes to detect and solve cybersecurity breaches. It equips a business with products that fast investigate network trade and record information such as domain name systems and website URLs so, in a eventuality of an attack, organizations can inspect how any theatre of a crack happened after it occurred.


Greg Niemeyer/Courtesy

“These appliances, depending on how they are configured, can be remoteness doomsday machines,” pronounced campus law highbrow and expertise executive of a Center for Law and Technology Chris Hoofnagle in an email.

He pronounced identical inclination possibly have a ability to forestall and inspect encrypted communications or automatically investigate the contents of communications — meaning that such inclination could inspect campus emails.

On Monday, Nils Gilman, UC Berkeley cyber-responsible executive, and Ben Hermalin, highbrow of economics and chair o
f a Academic Senate, sent out UC President Janet Napolitano’s matter responding to expertise members’ heightening open discourse on a situation.

“We create, collect, store, and use profitable information about a investigate and discoveries, a employees’ crew information, a students’ educational records, and more,” Napolitano said. “These attacks poise a critical risk to particular privacy, to a profitable egghead skill we create, and to a financial position.”

Faculty concerns surface

On Jan. 19, after expertise members reached out to a University of California Office of a President to demonstrate concerns about a equipment, Rachael Nava, UCOP executive clamp boss and arch handling officer, responded to explain a motive for a device.

In Jul of final year, UCLA Health announced that it had been penetrated by a critical cyber conflict in that hackers accessed areas of a network that enclose privately identifiable information — such as Social Security numbers and medical record numbers — for 4.5 million patients. The university is now fortifying 17 category movement lawsuits perfectionist millions of dollars in indemnification as a outcome of a breach.

Nava, in her minute to faculty, explained that a conflict was evil of an Advanced Persistent Threat actor, or APT, that are organized, postulated and rarely concurrent cyber attacks, creation them formidable to detect and intensely destructive.

After monitoring began in Aug 2015, a university released a new cybersecurity routine online. The concurrent monitoring policy asserts that from “time to time, if a critical cybersecurity hazard arises that competence potentially impact mixed campuses, a Office of a President competence proceed campuses to coordinate confidence monitoring, investigation, and hazard remediation activities.”

The routine is phrased in a really suppositious fashion, Niemeyer said, that belies a university’s extensive, stream and ongoing monitoring.

What troubles Hermalin and other expertise members is that a university’s monitoring activities were not elucidated until Nava’s letter. University officials primarily did not acknowledge a monitoring until endangered expertise met with UC officials including Chief Information Officer Tom Andriola on Dec. 21.

Hermalin pronounced a Dec. 21 assembly seemed prolific to him, as UC officials indicated that a monitoring would shortly stop and a university would publicly divulge a sum of a notice activity.

On Jan. 12, however, a Joint Committee on Campus Information Technology schooled from campus Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer Larry Conrad and other officials that a university had motionless to continue a monitoring though disclosing sum of it to students. At that point, some tenured expertise motionless to breeze an open minute circulated to a New York Times and to campus and UC officials. A week later, Nava’s minute was created in response to this open letter.

“(Nava’s letter) was a step in a right direction,” pronounced campus industrial engineering and operations investigate highbrow Ken Goldberg. “But it didn’t go distant enough.”

The monitoring does not violate any manners summarized in a university’s Electronic Communications Policy. Indeed, a routine privately permits slight investigate of network activity for functions such as ensuring a confidence and trustworthiness of UC electronic communications. It also allows investigate of a network trade itself to endorse antagonistic or unapproved activity that could mistreat a network or inclination connected to it.

Questions of communications

Ligon remarkable that “back doors can be used for ideally legitimate reasons.” He combined that it is not a device’s participation that is infuriating, though rather a remoteness with that a university has left about implementing this “back door” in a campus information center.

“The boss of a complement is not a dictator,” Hermalin said. “She’s ostensible to deliberate with campuses, with faculty.”

Hermalin takes emanate with what he sees as violations of spontaneous beliefs executive to an establishment like a University of California — common governance and open communication.

Napolitano records in her matter that a cyber risk committee, that includes a deputy of a university’s expertise senate, has stayed sensitive of a cybersecurity measures taken over a past integrate months.

The bottom line for a university, according to university orator Kate Moser, is that a measures being taken aim to strengthen a confidence of a whole system. A singular campus or section during risk could poise risks to units opposite a UC system, she said.

“Unfortunately, many have been left with a sense that a tip beginning to meddler on expertise activities is underway,” Napolitano pronounced in her Monday statement. “Nothing could be serve from a truth.”

To Niemeyer, viewed remoteness presents a hazard to educational freedom. Students mostly try a Internet quietly with small believe that a third-party can investigate a online route they leave, he said. Niemeyer remarkable that a complement has a ability to demeanour during DNS logs, that yield information on what websites people have looked at. He pronounced this kind of “perceived privacy” mindset in that students are handling in represents a trap.

“I cruise many expertise conclude that there’s a need for security,” Hermalin said. “What’s disgusting to expertise is when monitoring takes place in secret.”

If a summons were released opposite an particular who used a campus network, a university would have to yield that collected data, Niemeyer said.

“If we were operative in a association … we wouldn’t have a right to say, ‘That’s my personal research.’ … But a university is a really opposite mammal and it serves multitude in a really opposite way,” Niemeyer said. “It’s a ethereal and abounding routine and one we need to protect.”

Policy prohibits a university from regulating a information for nonsecurity purposes, and many-sided information is stored for a singular duration of time and removed in a secure system, after that it is forensically likely of.

Nava’s minute assures expertise that a university’s network trade investigate takes a layered proceed — a privacy-enhancing magnitude that sets restrictions on a form and volume of information reviewed depending on a form of hazard — when appropriate.

Hoofnagle pronounced layered examination is good, though that it could be a box that a device itself competence automatically confirm to inspect trade content, depending on a configuration.

Although university employees are limited from disclosing personal information found in a march of behaving network confidence duties and are theme to disciplinary measures if they violate such rules, a routine creates an difference for instances where an worker comes opposite apparent bootleg activity.

The destiny of monitoring

The UC complement has increasingly turn a aim of Advanced Persistent Threats by trait of a fact that such educational investigate networks enclose profitable data, according to Nava’s letter.

Napolitano so began a array of systemwide actions in successive months to “strengthen a University’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to such attacks,” Nava wrote.

In new years, a university has suffered other breaches, including a Feb 2015 information breach of UC health insurer Anthem, in that hackers accessed a database housing a personal information of 80 million people. At UC Berkeley specifically, dual information breaches — one in December 2014 and one in April 2015 — rendered scarcely 2,000 students, family members and campus employees’ Social Security numbers vulnerable.

Hoofnagle pronounced a university competence feel forced into regulating a apparatus in sequence to do repairs control in a arise of poignant confidence breaches, and now that a device is adult and running, it will continue to detect some-more APTs, that could make it formidable for a university to transparent switching it off.

“Some of these appliances can even detect calm and stop a summary from being sent — a good underline to stop APTs though one that could also be employed to stifle educational freedom,” Hoofnagle pronounced in an email.

Overall, Hoofnagle said, a university’s try to orchestrate a system’s confidence is a defence to revoke protections implemented by particular campuses. Hoofnagle suggested that UC Berkeley cruise other approaches, such as shortening a series of systems that are CalNet-connected or a adoption of two-step corroboration systems.

When contacted for an interview, campus executive of telecommunications Michael Green replied in an email that pithy instructions from UCOP Office of General Counsel prevented him from vocalization on a subject.

“I’m sorry, though UCOP has been really transparent about what competence be disclosed with honour to network monitoring,” Green wrote.

Faculty members devise to reason a forum to plead a notice measures Tuesday.

Suhauna Hussain is a university news editor. Contact her during [email protected] and follow her on Twitter during @suhaunah.

Crash negligence trade on SB I-75 nearby I-280

Crash on southbound I-75 nearby I-280 is negligence trade early today.

The pile-up was reported about 7:40 a.m. and has slowed vehicles toward Ottawa River Road. No injuries were reported, according to a military dispatcher.

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Traffic control on Highway 299 in Trinity Co. after rockslide

Highway 299 in Trinity County is open to one-way trade control as of 11:45 a.m. following a sand and rockslide Monday morning.

The slip was reported around 6:15 a.m. between Big Bar and Del Loma.

According to a California Highway Patrol website, a slip was still active around 7 a.m. Once a slip is no longer active, it will take during slightest dual hours to purify up.

Another slip final month nearby that same area sealed a highway for several days.

At slightest 21 killed in Egypt trade accidents due to bad weather

Bad continue including complicated haze caused dual vital trade accidents in Egypt on Sunday that left during slightest 22 people dead, officials said.

The deadlier collision saw 16 people killed and 21 bleeding in mixed automobile crashes nearby Beni Sueif on a highway joining Cairo to Upper Egypt, military said.

Two dozen vehicles were concerned in a accident, military said, blaming thick early morning fog.

Six people were killed and 3 others bleeding when a lorry ferrying workers crashed into a sight during a railway channel south of Cairo, military said.

The motorist of a lorry was incompetent to see a sealed railway channel due to haze and crashed his car into a train, military said.

Egypt is scandalous for trade accidents due to the feeble confirmed roads and small coercion of trade regulations.

The World Health Organization says trade accidents comment for scarcely 12,000 deaths annually in Egypt.

Arizona’s #1 Marijuana Industry Website,, Reaches Record Traffic and Revenue, a Scottsdale-based website for Arizona’s medical pot industry, achieved a 110% boost in income and a 77% boost in traffic.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (PRWEB) Jan 31, 2016 (, a Scottsdale-based website for Arizona’s medical pot industry, achieved a 110% boost in income and a 77% boost in trade in 2015.

The website was combined and launched in 2010 by Arizonans to yield giveaway and unprejudiced information and resources about Arizona’s medical pot industry, and pot in general. Since then, a site has been on Fox 10 Phoenix, CBS 5 AZ, 3TV Phoenix, The Huffington Post, Tucson Weekly, among others. has grown in trade and range over a years. It now provides a map office of all Arizona-licensed dispensaries and medical pot alloy offices, product reviews, news, events, deals, videos, hospital smoothness services, attorneys, pot contrast labs, and educational articles about how to get an Arizona medical pot card, how to use marijuana, and more.

“The site has grown significantly over a final year for a few reasons: new Arizona dispensaries continue to open, pot products – such as vaporizers and edibles – are flooding into a marketplace, and systematic investigate studies with pro-marijuana outcomes are changing peoples’ notice of marijuana; all of that are attracting some-more people to get medical pot cards. Furthermore, as some-more businesses enter a pot attention they have to publicize their products and services frequently in sequence to mount out among a foe and to turn and sojourn attention leaders. This is where’s highly-targeted trade of Arizona medical pot patients and intensity patients becomes profitable to attention businesses,” pronounced Colby Ayres, selling executive for

In 2016, skeleton to settle a new domicile in Scottsdale, Arizona, as good as sinecure some-more desirous employees with a enterprise to work in a pot industry.

For a strange chronicle on PRWeb visit:

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Default settings on Apache Web servers can exhibit sum about Tor traffic

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This has happened a second time in this week. Leaving default environment open after a product has been expelled can means critical problems for a product users. Earlier we had MediaTek withdrawal a debug apparatus meant for developers open after shipping that could let intensity hackers take supportive information from Android smartphones regulating on MediaTek processors.

Latest to join this default celebration is Tor. It so happens that default environment left unmodified in Apache Web servers can exhibit sum about Tor trade rubbed by that sold server.

As we know, a dim web that hosts .onion websites can be accessed regulating Tor anonymity browser. There are several methods of doing this, and one of a simplest is to use an Apache Web server along with a Tor daemon to hoop a “anonymous” partial of a server’s traffic.

Unfortunately, a default environment in Apache Web servers, if left unmodified could trickle information on a trade that’s going on around a server, and a server itself.

This was reported to a Tor Project admin and also lonesome on Reddit though to no avail. The emanate has once again been brought to forefront by Alec Muffet, Facebook program operative who tweeted a blog post of an different mechanism scholarship tyro that explained this problem and a ramifications.

The Apache server environment causing this emanate is a Server Status procedure that comes activated by default. The outlay of this procedure is accessible on each server when accessing a URL:

This page will uncover information on a server’s settings, uptime, apparatus usage, sum traffic, practical hosts, and active HTTP requests. Details like these can assistance someone detect a server’s timezone, relations geographical position, denunciation settings, and even a IP residence around improperly configured practical hosts.

If we run a Tor website on tip of an Apache server, we might wish to check your server’s config. To fast invalidate a procedure only run a following bombard command:

If we infirm a Server-Status page, when accessing a URL, we should see a 404 or 403 blunder message.

Sample server activity record from a real-life Tor website hosted on an Apache server

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