4.3 bulk trembler rattles aged Christchurch residents

Christchurch’s residents tighten to a epicentre of  Monday’s early morning 4.3 magnitude trembler were fearful by a jolt. 

The earthquake struck nearby Cashmere, 5 kilometres south of a executive city, during 3.32am. Despite being a comparatively tiny earthquake, it was felt strongly opposite a region.

Marie Hansbury​, aged 89, snuggled serve into her bed when a jar rocked her. 

My stomach churned, my heart went bang bang and things rattled, pronounced Marie Hansbury.

“My stomach churned, my heart went bang bang and things rattled,” pronounced Marie Hansbury.

“I was utterly fearful and we didn’t wish to get up… my stomach churned, my heart went bang bang and things rattled.”

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The trembler brought her thoughts behind to a Sep 2010 earthquake, where she was trapped in her residence for hours. 

The quake's epicentre was nearby Cashmere.

The quake’s epicentre was nearby Cashmere.

“If we die in an trembler it doesn’t worry me though we do worry about a children going to school… they are a initial ones we suspicion of.” 

Scientists pronounced Monday’s early morning 4.3 bulk trembler felt more violent than a size.

GNS seismologist Caroline Holden pronounced a force of a jar was down to a “terrible combination” of plcae (onshore and tighten to people) and shoal depth.

Canterbury’s aged and stressed membrane meant earthquakes were customarily “jolty”.   

The Valentines Day trembler was an up-and-down movement. Monday’s had that and a laterally movement, where plates ruptured past any other. 

Magnitude measures a distance of a rupture, definition how most earth has been displaced. 

“It won’t tell we how most appetite is released,” Holden said. 

Wellington on Monday was still experiencing a some-more than bulk 7 earthquake, though nobody could feel it given it is function so slowly, Holden said. 

A quick mangle in a crust, like what happened during 3.32am in Cashmere, pennyless a membrane in a “very quick and punchy” way, definition a jar was stronger.

Christchurch residents described conference a bark before a brief and “nasty” earthquake hit, followed by aftershocks including a 2.7 bulk trembler during 3.36am, smaller aftershocks during 3.51am and 4.29am and a magnitude 3.0 during 6.14am.

Holden pronounced a turn of jar nearby a epicentre was usually 10 times reduction than a bulk 6.3 trembler Feb 22, 2011 shake.

“You ‘d design it to be hundreds of times smaller.”

“The inlet of earthquakes nearby Christchurch are utterly punchy, and from a recordings we looked during a this morning we could see it was utterly a nasty shake.”

Holden pronounced a earthquake was partial of a movement method from a Sep 2010 earthquake, but it was not nonetheless famous if a Valentines Day shake triggered it.

The movement method given it strike on Monday morning was approaching and would settle, she said. 

Geonet listed a earthquake, centred 5 kilometres deep, as “strong”.

More than 1800 people reported feeling a quake, according to the Geonet website.

Emergency services pronounced there were no evident reports of injuries or damage.


A error in a Christchurch’s trade light network, thought to have been caused by a early morning earthquake, indeed happened 10pm Sunday.  

A Christchurch Transport Operations Centre orator pronounced a traffic signals team investigated on Monday and bound a error though a means was still unknown. Traffic delays were approaching to ease.

Earlier on Monday executive city gridlock caused “significant delays” quite on a one ways of Madras, Barbadoes, St Asaph, Durham, Kilmore, Salisbury and Montreal streets. Most, with a difference of Durham St, had privileged by 9.30am. 

“[They] are no longer operative together to optimise upsurge by a CBD. This has a intensity to means poignant delays in and around a executive city.”


A military mouthpiece pronounced there was no spike in puncture calls.

She pronounced a upheaval strike like “a burden train” – a same descriptor used by many locals who took to amicable media after being jolted from their beds.

“It was a remarkable impact into a building,” a mouthpiece said.

Many locals reported conference a bark before a trembler struck.

Amy Stewart pronounced a upheaval was “very strong” during her residence in Edgeware, only north of a executive city.

“I listened a upheaval entrance before it strike and it was so violent. It took me behind to Sep 2010 when it was 4.35am and a rumble woke me up, afterwards incited to really violent.”

Monday’s upheaval “felt like it was removing stronger and stronger,” she said.”I let out a diminutive whimper of fear, that afterwards done me realize we am some-more concerned of a quakes than we thought. My three-year-old son slept right by it – propitious him.”

Mikaylah Tutty pronounced she listened a “really shrill rumbling”, and immediately knew what was coming.

“I was watchful for a tiny jar and afterwards a slight shake though instead we got a outrageous shake. we was so scared,” she said.

She also felt a initial aftershock, though her housemates slept right by a quakes.

Chloe Cameron, who lives about a travel divided from a epicentre, pronounced it felt “like a lorry attack a building”.

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