The Latest: Trump leads GOP competition with a third of a votes

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The Latest on debate 2016 forward of Saturday’s South Carolina Republican primary and Nevada Democratic caucuses (all times Eastern Standard Time):

3:45 p.m.

Donald Trump has emerged as a front-runner for a GOP assignment by winning over roughly a third of Republicans in a early voting states and in welfare polls.

And, by make-up his rallies with group and women, devout Christians and troops veterans, blue-collar workers and rich retirees.

His critics disagree he’ll never be means to grow that wide-but-only-so-deep bloc with his quarrelsome ways.

But a new AP-GfK check finds purebred Republicans and GOP-leaning electorate put Trump during a tip of a GOP margin when it comes to that claimant fits best with their mount on a issues.

They give Trump best outlines for cunning and decisiveness. And distant some-more Republicans than not contend they’d opinion for Trump in a ubiquitous election, and 86 percent of Republican electorate consider he can win in Nov — giving him a 15 commission indicate advantage over his nearest rival.


3:35 p.m.

Donald Trump is revelation Americans they should protest Apple products until a record hulk complies with a justice sequence to assistance investigators mangle into an iPhone used by one of a San Bernardino mass shooters.

Trump finished a criticism during a question-and-answer eventuality in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where he’s campaigning forward of Saturday’s first-in-the-South Republican presidential primary.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pronounced that complying with a sovereign government’s ask would risk compromising a information of a business worldwide.

Trump says Cook wants to infer “how magnanimous he is.” He told a throng to “boycott Apple until such time as they give adult that security.”


2:30 p.m.

Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump is propelling his supporters in South Carolina to get out and opinion a day before a first-in-the-south primary.

“We have a transformation going on folks,” Trump tells a throng of some-more than 5,000 during his initial convene of a day in Myrtle Beach. “And we can’t blow a movement. We have to make certain we get a vast mandate. We have to go out tomorrow. We have to go out and vote.”

Trump went on to contend that he’s been doing so many events in a state he feels a bit like a machine.

“It was roughly like we was on automatic,” he pronounced of his stops on Thursday. “Wind me up, go out and speak.”


2:00 p.m.

Bernie Sanders says his debate is “here to win” in Saturday’s Nevada caucuses though he also wants to expostulate a vast voter assembly in a nation’s third Democratic presidential contest.

Sanders is starting his day with a convene in frugally populated Elko, Nevada. He says “we are here to win. We wish to win.” But he adds, “I wish democracy to flourish.”

Sanders asked supporters to “show a universe that democracy is alive and good here in Nevada.”

Elko County is heavily Republican and has fewer than 4,000 purebred Democrats. But Sanders’ eventuality drew several hundred people, a pointer of his plan to boost assembly via a state to equivalent Hillary Clinton’s strength around Las Vegas.


1:40 p.m.

Supporters introducing Donald Trump his initial convene in South Carolina Friday are holding pointed shots during Pope Francis on Friday for his remarks suggesting Trump was not Christian for advocating a wall along a Southern border.

Pastor Mark Burns told an assembly of some-more than 5,000 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that a nation needs a boss who will build a wall.

He said: “We honour and respect a pope. But… a walls that are around a Vatican are flattering vast walls.”

The YouTube Diamond and Silk also referenced a pope’s comments in their introduction.

The sister who goes by Diamond said, “Now some contend that we should build a bridge. Well, we contend we should build a wall around that overpass with a doorway open. To come in this country, we come in legally. Silent majority, let me hear we roar!”


12:40 p.m.

A 40-year-old Kansas male is behind a website that records how prolonged it has been given Hillary Clinton pronounced she’d “look into” either she can recover transcripts of her paid speeches to vast banks.

Jed McChesney says he was angry by a Democratic presidential contender’s dismissive remarks on a theme and has turn a believer of Bernie Sanders.

On Thursday night, Sanders tweeted a couple to McChesney’s website,, to his 1.5 million followers. The indirect trade temporarily crashed a site.

The Sanders debate did not hit him before a tweet. McChesney was astounded to see a anxiety to his site on an MSNBC module Friday morning.

McChesney says a Clinton-questioning website took him 5 mins to put together and is a many successful thing he has ever done.


12:15 p.m.

The pope orator is stressing that Pope Francis mostly says build bridges, not walls, and that his acknowledgement while drifting behind from Mexico wasn’t targeting U.S. presidential claimant Donald Trump.

Francis pronounced Thursday that a chairman who advocates building walls for solutions is “not Christian.” Trump, who has regularly called for a wall to order a United States and Mexico, retorted it was “disgraceful” to doubt a person’s faith.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi sought to explain a emanate Friday, revelation Vatican Radio that Francis’ comments were “in no approach a personal conflict nor an denote on how to vote.”

Lombardi remarkable Francis mostly has advocated “building not walls, though bridges,” generally per Europe, as it struggles to hoop a attainment of hundreds of thousands of people journey fight and poverty.


11:15 a.m.

Ted Cruz is channeling his middle Donald Trump as he looks for votes forward of Saturday’s South Carolina’s presidential primary.

The Texas senator told several hundred supporters Friday in Myrtle Beach that in a Cruz administration, there would “be winning so much, we’ll get sleepy of winning.”

He didn’t privately name his rival, though a anxiety was transparent as it’s a word regularly used by a billionaire businessman.

Cruz also took a shot during Trump’s debate motto, featured on hats, T-shirts and fender stickers. The senator pronounced “it’s easy to say, ‘Let’s Make America Great Again.’” But, he asked, “Do we know what finished America good in a initial place?”


11:10 a.m.

John Kasich is earnest South Carolina electorate he’ll “keep unresolved in there” regardless of a formula in a state’s Saturday Republican primary.

Kasich’s comments were in response to a voter during a Columbia city gymnasium Friday who told Kasich not to dump out of a competition after Saturday’s contest. The voter pleaded with a claimant to “not quit on us; we need we some-more than we need us.”

Kasich pronounced he thinks he’ll kick expectations Saturday, joking that they aren’t that high anyway.

He pronounced expectations contend he’ll be means to fit all of his votes “in a Volkswagon,” adding, “clearly we’re gonna do improved than that — we might be means to put them in a van.”


11:00 a.m.

Jeb Bush is tenderly embracing his bequest in South Carolina, where he is among 3 generations of his famous Republican family campaigning in a state.

Bush’s 91-year-old mother, who attended college prep propagandize in Charleston, is with her son, a second to run for president. Mrs. Bush, whose father is also a former president, says of her second son: “He’s steady, he’s honest. He is modest. He is kind and he is good.”

The former Florida governor’s mother Columba and younger son Jeb Bush Jr. are also with him, as are his younger brothers, Neal and Marvin Bush.

While some electorate feel hostility toward a intensity third Bush presidency, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a tip Bush backer, says there is no such thing as dynasty in America.

“The usually approach we can turn boss is if your associate adults opinion for you,” he said.


10:55 a.m.

South Carolina’s tip ranking Democrat is endorsing Hillary Clinton, smoothing over a difference from 8 years ago.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn’s publicity came as a warn given he has pronounced he wouldn’t behind a candidate.

Clyburn has pronounced that those regulations caused him some excited nights in 2008, when he’d hoped to support then-Sen. Barack Obama’s ancestral run, though stayed neutral. Bill Clinton didn’t consider Clyburn was neutral adequate and a congressman wrote in his autobiography that a former boss called and swore during him during 2:15 a.m. one morning.

The dual eventually patched their rift, heading Clyburn to historically black Allen University in Columbia on Friday to make his endorsement.

Clyburn was initial voted to a U.S. House in 1992 and is a partner Democratic leader.


10:15 a.m.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has landed himself in a parsimonious mark in South Carolina when confronted with a politics of sports.

Rubio told a throng of University of South Carolina sports fans Friday that he would be conflicted on Saturday, when a state’s Gamecocks play a University of Florida Gators.

University of South Carolina men’s basketball manager Frank Martin spoke during a Friday convene in Columbia, articulate adult his similarities with a presidential hopeful, including his Cuban heritage.

After a fan shouted, “Go Gamecocks!” Martin suggested that Rubio follow “your heart and a electorate of South Carolina.” Rubio has a sum of 5 stops on his statewide fly-around South Carolina forward of a GOP primary on Saturday.


10:10 a.m.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is jokingly proposing Duck Dynasty primogenitor Phil Robertson for a tip tactful post.

“Imagine only for a moment: Phil Robertson, envoy to a United Nations,” a Texas senator pronounced during a Friday morning convene in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “How most would we compensate to see a Russian ambassador’s face when Phil says: ‘What is wrong with we people?”

Cruz is campaigning Friday with a bearded existence radio star on a eve of a South Carolina Republican presidential primary. Robertson is a cult favourite among amicable conservatives for his unvarnished critiques of modern, physical society.

Speaking forward of Cruz, Robertson urged electorate to “rise adult as a sons and daughters of God” and put “a staunch, Bible-belieiving, Jesus-loving, Godly man” in a White House.

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