Freedom 251 grouping dangling as website can’t hoop traffic

A smartphone costing $4 was always going to be a hit, yet Indian association Ringing Bells had to learn a tough approach accurately how most so. At 600,000 hits per second (by a company’s possess account), a website couldn’t hoop all a trade and orders had to be suspended. Fret not though, Ringing Bells is operative on a resolution and promises that all will be behind to normal within 24 hours.

Freedom 251 is a world’s cheapest smartphone and during reduction than $4 (or INR 251, hence a name) we can’t see that record removing damaged any time soon. That volume of money gets we a 4-inch qHD display, quad-core processor, a gig of RAM and Lollipop, so we are removing copiousness of crash for your few bucks.

No consternation afterwards that a Freedom 251 pennyless a internet when it launched yesterday. At dual points in time a hunt tenure was used some-more than 3 times as most as both Apple and Samsung combined, and no Kardashian could come tighten to a popularity.

The initial stupidity has now quieted down a little, and seductiveness in a Freedom 251 has plummeted compared to determined brands, yet they still can’t compare a numbers. Now, if usually we could sequence one.