New Akamai Tool Aims To Bring Bots Under Control

Akamai expelled a new Bot Manager apparatus currently designed to give companies finely tuned control over Bot trade on their websites.

The numbers vary, though investigate has shown that about half of trade on a web comes from bots. Bots are tiny programs that correlate with a website and can be used for good or ill, depending on your perspective, says Renny Shen, comparison selling manager for a craving at Akamai.

It’s value observant that some bots are clearly harmless, while others could be perplexing to scratch your site information or be partial of a concurrent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Whether a bot is accessible or not is infrequently in a eye of a beholder, Shen explained.

“Most consider of a bot as an attacker. For me, a bot is only a square of program created to automate a charge of interacting with a website,” he said. That’s because he believes a binary proceed of restraint or not blocking might not always be appropriate.

“Bot trade is a fact of life,” Shen says. “Because each website is opposite and each patron is different, we put a bot trade control in their hands instead of sweeping blocking.”

The Akamai Bot Manager gives fine-grained control over a bot traffic, vouchsafing business know a inlet of a trade and holding whatever movement they hold suitable such as blocking, monitoring, negligence it down, rowdiness it or vouchsafing it through. What a patron chooses to do, depends on a goals of a company.

For example, an eCommerce site competence let a cost scraper bot by for a partner, though retard it for a aspirant who is simply perplexing to get a information to compare or kick their prices. Some companies competence go so distant as to emanate a page with fake prices to dope a bot.

Others competence not wish to understanding with a nitty-gritty of bot management during all, while still removing a advantages of a tool, and Akamai is also charity this as a managed use for those customers.

The apparatus lets we see a high-level perspective of all bot trade on your site, afterwards dive down to get minute information about an individual bot such as a horde name, a source IP address, what activities it achieved and a impact that had on your website performance.

Bot Manager - Bot Analysis report

Courtesy of Akamai.


Once a association is armed with this turn of detail, it can confirm how best to understanding with a bot and establish either it’s good, bad or somewhere in between — and it’s not always obvious. Shen pointed to a Chinese hunt engine Baidu as an example.

“It doesn’t honour robots.txt and comes in aggressively to yield a site,” he explained. That could leave a wily preference for some sites who wish to be ranked in Baidu’s hunt rankings, though don’t wish a bot to have an inauspicious impact on a site’s performance.

The Bot Manager lets a patron manage that bot’s function as it moves by the site, putting a site owners in control instead of simply blocking it or vouchsafing it through. A site manager competence confirm in a Baidu box to let it through, though delayed it down to get a advantage of being ranked on a hunt engine, though shortening a impact it could have on performance.

While a product was announced today, it will be commercially accessible during a finish of a month. As with all of Akamai’s product, a cost for regulating this product is formed on a volume of trade processed by a service.

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