Long-awaited Lacey growth spurs worries about traffic

A new selling bid to attract retailers to a long-awaited opening mall growth site in northeast Lacey has held a courtesy of a proprietor who has concerns about how that devise will impact traffic.

Claudia Lewis, a former longtime Olympia proprietor who recently changed to Jubilee, a 55-and-older village in northeast Lacey, recently came opposite a selling materials for an opening mall designed nearby a outdoor store Cabela’s.

A couple was posted on a website that serves Jubilee, and she clicked on it to learn a Outlets during Lacey, a due opening mall between Cabela’s and Marvin Road Northeast.

“It’s such a bustling area,” Lewis pronounced about a state of traffic, adding that she can’t suppose what trade will demeanour like once a devise is complete.

Although there’s a new selling effort, a devise to rise a land is not new. It dates to 2004 when developer Tri Vo pitched a mixed-use devise called Lacey Gateway Town Center. It brought Cabela’s to Lacey and was approaching to proceed, bringing some-more blurb and residential uses to a property.

But a Great Recession arrived first. Vo mislaid a property, and it sat idle for years. Then a some-more than 200 acres of land was acquired by a Nisqually clan and Bellevue-based developer Wig Properties. They hired Craig Realty Group of Newport, California, to marketplace a property, that resulted in a leasing leaflet for a Outlets during Lacey.

Lacey Community Development Director Rick Walk pronounced a clan and Wig Properties have picked adult where Vo left off with a Town Center concept. They perspective a opening mall as a anchor devise for a site, with skeleton to still pierce other blurb and residential uses to a property, Walk said.

The city hopes to get a master devise and growth agreement before a Lacey City Council this year, Walk said, all of that would take place in open meetings. For those who would like to be kept adult to speed on a project, Walk suggested they contact a city’s Community Development Department.

The city also has short- and long-term skeleton to residence trade in a area, Public Works Director Scott Egger said.

Among a projects:

▪ Widening Marvin Road Northeast to dual lanes in both directions, with a core spin line between Britton Parkway Northeast to only north of 29th Avenue Northeast. That devise is approaching to go out to bid in April, with work to start in late open or early summer.

▪ Adding a devious during Hogum Bay Road and Willamette Drive Northeast. That devise is approaching to start once a Marvin Road widening devise is complete.

▪ Spending $72 million to ascent a Marvin Road rotate during Interstate 5, improving entrance to and from a freeway. The state-funded and state-directed devise could start in 2017, Egger said.

Jubilee proprietor Lewis pronounced roundabouts are not renouned among residents, though Egger pronounced they pierce trade efficiently, they revoke wait times, and they’re safer since there are fewer points of intensity dispute than during a standard intersection.


Reach a Lacey Community Development Department during 360-491-5642 or by going to ci.lacey.wa.us/city-government/city-departments and afterwards clicking on a “Community Development” tab.