Myrtle Beach PD to launch new map services website forward of Memorial Weekend Bikefest


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- The Myrtle Beach Police Department started a array of meetings this week for businesses forward of Memorial Day Weekend Bikefest.

The dialect hosted a initial informational assembly during a Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Friday during 8:30 a.m.

The idea of a assembly was to plead a department’s skeleton for this year’s Bikefest, educational campaigns, business concerns and a new map services website.

Lt. Joey Crosby says they are starting their meetings progressing this year to be some-more pure and urge on relations with a community.

“We’re going to extend that for all a special events. Not only for Memorial Day Weekend. We wish to build those relations that approach we can partner with a village and attendees to make a eventuality whatever it is a successful event,” Crosby said.

Crosby pronounced they will also boost a volume of officers doing trade unit generally in areas like Kings Highway as a approach to residence concerns from final year.

“Through a critiques from final year, as we were evaluating a 2015 operational devise one of a things we listened from a village is that they would us to concentration courtesy on a peculiarity of life issues and also trade associated incidents,” Crosby added.

Another regard many business owners voiced were about a 23-mile trade loop that will be in outcome from 10pm-2am during a weekend. Crosby says they wanted to make it easier for people to navigate.

This year a city will launch a Map Services Website that’s powered by Google Maps.It will underline an interactive map of a loop that’s labeled with a route, plcae of barricades and stream roads closed. There’s also a duty to enter your plcae and navigate a track that will keep we out of a loop. Having that information to share with visitors and employees was something internal business owners appreciated.

“The city has done strides and a military dialect is unequivocally doing extraordinary things to safeguard that we are informed. They’re regulating record and doing their part,” Angela Kegler with The Kegler Group said.

In addition, city leaders are also reaching out to biker groups to surprise them of what they can design before entrance in town.

“People like a information as distant as a motorcycle community. They devise before to coming. So carrying this information, it allows us a event to devise forward of time,” Violet Lucas said.

According to officials, identical meetings will be hold each Friday during a month of February.