GRPD launches new trade website

generic Grand Rapids Police GRPD night

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Police Department launched a new trade website to yield up-to-the-minute pile-up information.

The website lists all trade crashes in Grand Rapids from a time a pile-up is reported to a impulse a officer clears a scene, according to a recover from a Grand Rapids Police Department.

Police contend once a runner inputs a pile-up information into a system, that information is relayed to a Live Traffic Accident Report website within 60 seconds and will sojourn on a website until a stage is cleared.

The website will embody a plcae and form of crash, such as skill repairs or personal damage crash. It will not uncover highway closures.

The website will usually uncover crashes that a Grand Rapids Police Department is working, so if a Michigan State Police is operative a pile-up on a highway in Grand Rapids, it will not be listed.

“This is a simple apparatus that will assistance people equivocate areas where there is a reported pile-up and potentially equivocate trade behind adult situations,” Sgt. Terry Dixon, GRPD Public Information Officer, pronounced in a news release.

The Live Traffic Accident Report can be accessed by the Grand Rapids Police Department’s website.