At slightest 21 killed in Egypt trade accidents due to bad weather

Bad continue including complicated haze caused dual vital trade accidents in Egypt on Sunday that left during slightest 22 people dead, officials said.

The deadlier collision saw 16 people killed and 21 bleeding in mixed automobile crashes nearby Beni Sueif on a highway joining Cairo to Upper Egypt, military said.

Two dozen vehicles were concerned in a accident, military said, blaming thick early morning fog.

Six people were killed and 3 others bleeding when a lorry ferrying workers crashed into a sight during a railway channel south of Cairo, military said.

The motorist of a lorry was incompetent to see a sealed railway channel due to haze and crashed his car into a train, military said.

Egypt is scandalous for trade accidents due to the feeble confirmed roads and small coercion of trade regulations.

The World Health Organization says trade accidents comment for scarcely 12,000 deaths annually in Egypt.