CHP, Caltrans launch Super Bowl 50 trade site

Caltrans and a CHP launched a new website Monday to yield trade information to a open in expectation of outrageous crowds flooding a Bay Area for a arriving Super Bowl and associated events in San Francisco.

The Feb. 7 match-up between a Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will play out during Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, though it will be preceded by daily events during dual venues in San Francisco, commencement Jan. 30.

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They embody a fan encampment called Super Bowl City, that will open in Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday and that already is underneath construction, requiring highway closures and detours around a San Francisco Ferry Building and a Embarcadero, officials said.

Something called a NFL Experience, an interactive thesis park, also will open Saturday during Moscone Center, causing additional impacts in a area.

The new site,, will underline information on trade conditions, endorsed detours and links to resources on choice forms of transportation. It also will have live feeds of CHP amicable media streams to surprise a open of trade alerts and other issues.

“Working with a trade reserve partners, we have combined a user-friendly, online apparatus to assistance a open navigate a liquid of trade heading adult to and by a large game,” CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow pronounced in a news release. “The crowds are coming, though with a small credentials and a lot of calm behind a wheel, we will all get to a destinations safely.”

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CHP Create a Super Bowl Traffic Website

In sequence to assist Bay Areans with trade concerns with a coming Super Bowl, Caltrans and CHP have teamed adult to emanate a new website dedicated to a Traffic Concerns of Super Bowl 50 and a events approximate a large game. The site launched yesterday, called, and is dedicated to underline resources to assistance a open transport in and around a Super Bowl. Users will find stream trade advisories, detours, closures, swap travel links, law coercion resources, and additional information.

The site also includes a live feed from a CHP’s amicable media accounts highlighting activity and trade alerts in and around a several Super Bowl venues. Despite these precautions, drivers like Justin Jennings vocalization with ABC 7 news are anticipating a invert around a Super Bowl City construction unbearable. Justin trafficked only 3 blocks in a half hour.

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Anonymous Shut Down Japanese Airport Website Against Dolphin Slaughter

Anonymous hackers close down Japan’s Narita International Airport website opposite Dolphin slaughter.

The online hacktivist Anonymous conducted a absolute DDoS conflict on a central website of Narita International Airport of Japan disrupting a use on Friday night to Saturday. The internal military and airfield authorities have reliable a conflict and settled that a array of DDoS forced a site to go down though claimed that no moody operation was affected.

DDoS attacks paralyze a websites by promulgation trade on a website from opposite networks. The strenuous volume of trade takes down a website servers and takes time for retrieval. 

According to the Japan Times, the reason for targeting a website was to criticism against dolphin massacre in a nation and not permitting a actor and romantic Ric O’Barry to enter Japan. The Japanese supervision probably refused to let Barry enter a nation due to his purpose in “The Cove,” a Oscar-winning documentary about a annual dolphin massacre in Japan.

In an disdainful review with a Anonymous hacker behind this attack, HackRead was told that:

The conflict on a Airport was finished since they incarcerated there and denied him into Japan since of a film he done called “The Cove” in 2009.

In October, final year same Anonymous organisation had shut down Narita and Chubu International Airport websites against a massacre of Dolphin and trade to aquariums. 

In September, a same organisation of hackers took down a website of a city of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture in criticism of a town’s sport of dolphins and storing them.

Hunting of dolphins has been protested by many activists around a universe and holding down of websites is one of a ways they record their protest.

Anonymous has dedicated itself to strengthen animal rights around a world. In a past, a hacktivists went against X-Rated animal abuse websites and close down world’s largest animal abuse forum.

At a time of edition this article, a targeted website was easy and accessible online.

Data Triangulation: How Second-Party Data Will Eat The Digital World

chrisoharaupdatedddtData-Driven Thinking” is combined by members of a media village and contains uninformed ideas on a digital series in media.

Today’s mainstay is combined by Chris O’Hara, clamp boss of vital accounts during Krux.

Marketers are undone with spending as many as 60% of their operative media dollars to account intermediaries between themselves and their edition partners. By a time marketer compensate their agencies, trade desks, exchanges and third-party information providers and financial publishers’ ad-serving stacks, dollars spin into dimes. Marketers wish reduction fraud, some-more people, reduction ad tech and some-more media dollars put to work to expostulate performance.

Quality publishers, who for so prolonged sacrificed control for entrance to an always-on tide of programmatic cash, are now saying change return, as untrustworthy sources of register leave a ecosystem and start to emanate nonesuch for reward supply. Publishers with preferred audiences are starting to precedence hacks such as header behest and private marketplaces to get some-more control and constraint some-more income from transactions.

But they are also starting to demeanour during data-only sell among devoted demand-side partners. Now that marketers are throwing adult with information government height (DMP) technology, firmly pity audiences becomes possible, opening adult a new epoch where second-party information is staid to energy supreme.

A Primer

Before we speak about how that second-party information will turn an rising thesis in 2016, let’s conclude some information terms.

First-party information is exclusive information that marketers and publishers have collected – with permission, of march – and, therefore, own. It can be cookies collected from a site visit, offline information onboarded into addressable IDs and even information from selling campaigns.

Second-party information is simply someone else’s first-party data. Second-party information gets combined any time dual companies strike adult a understanding for information that is not publicly available. The many common use box is that of a marketer – contend a large airline –getting entrance to information for a publisher’s revisit travelers.

Big Airline competence contend to Huge News Site with business travelers, “Let’s user match, so any time we see one of my revisit flyers on your site, we can offer him an ad.” Huge News Site competence confirm to concede Big Airline to aim a users wherever they are found (a “bring your possess data” deal) or make such a understanding obligatory on shopping media. Either way, Big Airline now has tons of unequivocally profitable Huge News Site reader information accessible in a DMP for modeling, research and targeting.

Despite a many heralded genocide or merely mitigation of third-party data, it is still a tack of addressable media buying. This is information that is syndicated and done accessible for anyone to buy. This information could report user function (Polk “auto intenders” of several stripes) or bucket people into engaging addressable segments formed on their life resources (Nieslen “Suburban Strivers”), report a user’s income turn (Acxiom or Experian) or tell we where a user likes to go around plcae information (PlaceIQ or Foursquare). Most demand-side platforms (DSPs) make a far-reaching accumulation of this information accessible within their platforms for targeting, and DMPs capacitate users to precedence third-party information for shred origination – customarily permitting giveaway use for analytics and displaying functions and removing paid on successful activation.

Data Quality And Scale

So, that kind of information is a best? When asked that doubt by a marketer, a right doubt is, inevitably, “all of it.” But, given that’s an irritating answer, let’s speak about a relations scale and value of any form of data. It’s simply visualized by this splendidly oversimplified triangle:


First-party information is a many singular in scope, nonetheless a many powerful. For marketers –especially large CPG marketers who don’t get a lot of site trade – first-party information is impossibly meagre though is still a comprehensive many profitable vigilance to use for modeling. Marketers can investigate first-party information attributes to know what traits and behaviors consumers have in common and enhance their strech regulating second- or third-party data.

Retail and ecommerce players are some-more fortunate. A big-box store has first-party information out a wazoo: faithfulness label data, point-of-sale complement data, app data, website registration data, site revisit information and maybe even credit label information if it owns and operates a financial arm. It can precedence a DMP to know how media bearing gathering a store visit, where business were in a store (beacons!), what was purchased, how many coupons were remitted and either or not they researched their squeeze on a site. Talk about removing “closed-loop” sales attribution. The energy of first-party information is truly amazing.

The biggest problem with third-party information is that all of my competitors have it. In programmatic marketing, that means both Ford and Chevy are expected behest on a same “auto intender” and pushing prices up. The other problem is that we don’t know how a information was created. What attributes went into determining either or not this “auto intender” is truly in-market for a car? There are no genuine manners about this stuff. A man who review a word “car” in an essay competence be an “auto intender” only as someone who looked a four-door sedans 3 times in a final 30 days on creditable automobile sites. Quality varies.

That being said, there is outrageous value in carrying third-party information during your disposal. Ginormous Music App, for example, has built a use that is radically a DMP for music; it knows how to mangle down any song, allot really granular attributes to it and broach rarely customized listening use for giveaway and paid users. Those users are rarely engaged, have demonstrated a eagerness to buy reward services and are, by trait of their mobile device, simply found during accurate geolocations.

Yet, for all of that, a value to a marketer of a Maroon Five shred is rather small. Everyone likes Maroon Five, from grandmothers to tweens to dads. A Maroon Five shred provides small value to an advertiser. Yet, if Ginormous Music App could pull a app-based user information (IDFAs) into a cookie space and find a user match, it could effectively use third-party information to know a income, function and ubiquitous form of many Maroon Five fans. And that’s what their advertisers like to buy. That’s flattering damn valuable.

So, how about “second-party” data? These are a “frequent business travelers” on Huge News Site and a “Mitsubishi intenders” on Large Auto Site. These are genuine users, with loyal demonstrated vigilant and function that has been certified on genuine properties. One of a many profitable things about audiences built on second-party information is that there is customarily clarity per how those users found their approach into a segment.

The mocking and kind of pleasing thing about a presentation of second-party information is that it is many mostly merely a tie to a reward publisher’s users. However, it can be uncoupled from a publisher’s media sales practice. Marketers, increasingly ill of all a rascal and junk in a programmatic ecosystem, are branch toward second-party information to entrance a same audiences they bought heavily in imitation 30 years ago. This time, however, they are starting to get both a peculiarity – and a quantitative formula – they were looking for.

On a flip side, peculiarity publishers are starting to know that, when offering in a strict, policy-controlled sourroundings that protects their largest item – assembly information – they can make approach some-more income with information deals than media deals.

Put simply, second-party information is heralding a lapse to a good aged days when large marketers depended on relations with large publishers as a stewards of audiences, and they combined deep, approach relations to safeguard an ongoing value exchange. Today, that sell increasingly happens by web-based program rather than martini lunches.

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FBI hackers took down a child porn ring

The Justice Department usually sealed a ancestral case, a vast review called Operation Torpedo. And now that sum are entrance into focus, it’s transparent that we’re in a new era: FBI agents are holding on a purpose of hacker spies.

The FBI has resorted to court-authorized mass hacking, that pushes authorised boundaries. Visit a wrong website, click on a design — and a FBI can trip into your computer.

Operation Torpedo started in 2011 when military in a Netherlands found a vast child porn site and gained executive entrance to it. They found that a Web server was physically located inside a information core during Power DNN, a Web hosting use located in Bellevue, Nebraska. According to justice records, Dutch cops afterwards sloping off a FBI.

With a judge’s approval, a FBI started espionage on a Omaha, Nebraska, home of one Power DNN employee, Aaron McGrath.

In late 2012, sovereign agents detonate into his home and held McGrath sealed in as a director of PedoBook, a amicable media site where people common photos of child pornography.

McGrath fast sealed a laptop — immediately locking a information inside with encryption. But investigators were somehow “able to settle a cue and clear a computer,” justice annals say.

That gave agents executive entrance to a website. But they still couldn’t brand a website’s visitors.

The site was on a Dark Web, that means people could usually entrance a website by regulating a Tor browser. Tor hides their plcae by bouncing Internet trade signals around a globe.

The FBI was postulated a hunt aver for a “network inquisitive technique,” permitting agents to trip mechanism formula into photos on a child porn website. Every time a website caller clicked on an picture of a exposed child, their mechanism also downloaded additional information that reported behind to a FBI a computer’s loyal IP residence and form of handling system.

In unblocked justice papers from 2012, FBI Agent Jeffrey Tarpinian describes this penetrate as “the usually accessible inquisitive technique with a reasonable odds of securing a justification compulsory to prove… a tangible plcae and temperament of those users.”

The accurate process used by a FBI is minute in other justice records. Agents total Flash program to a hijacked porn site, exploiting a fact that Flash is notoriously exposed to hacking. If visitors used an old-fashioned chronicle of Tor — and didn’t set their computers to retard Flash — that Flash app was means to settle a approach tie and exhibit their IP address.

That means a FBI didn’t mangle Tor’s anonymity. It was usually means to locate a slowest, dumbest of a bunch.

Among them: One 22-year aged from Ashford, Alabama, who betrothed to furnish images of his nonetheless unborn daughter while she was still in her mother’s womb. Agents stopped him before a act. He’s now portion a 15-year jail sentence.

A 42-year aged boasted about a many girls he raped in a Philippines. He’s now portion 20 years.

Then there’s a user who went by PT***eater, who disturbed investigators since he warned he was on a verge of aggressive a child.

“I am sleepy of… this fantasy,” he wrote on a site. “I need to kill an tot or toddler for real.”

The FBI had a few clues: In private messages on PedoBook, he pronounced he lived in a Washington area. And agents found he had used a same AIM username when signing adult for a unchanging porn website on a open Internet. An FBI summons to AOL gave them an IP address. Another summons to Verizon gave them a earthy residence in Germantown, Maryland.

It belonged to Timothy DeFoggi, a tip cybersecurity central during a Health and Human Services Department, who in justice testimony claimed he had tip tip clearway and knowledge operative with a CIA and NSA.

When dual FBI teams stormed into DeFoggi’s dim home during 5:30 a.m. in Apr 2013, they found him in his underwear on a building hunched over his laptop, according to after testimony by agents in sovereign court. An FBI representative shouted for him to behind divided from a computer. DeFoggi didn’t. The representative kicked him divided from a laptop. The Tor browser window had been sealed — though a mechanism was still downloading a record from a child porn video site called a OnionPedo Video Archive.

He was eventually condemned to 25 years in prison.

The FBI’s hacking methods have been challenged in court. In one Operation Torpedo case, a invulnerability profession claimed a mass penetrate was “overreaching of law enforcement.” Another invulnerability profession argued that a FBI foul sneaked adult on his client. The FBI got accede to hack, though a hunt aver compulsory notifying a think of a electronic hunt within 30 days.

In both instances, a sovereign decider disagreed.

Critics have also lifted questions about either it was authorised for a FBI to radically contend a child porn site and keep it adult and using on a watch.

In a lecture with news reporters in December, Justice Department officials concurred that these investigations are costly, delayed and difficult.

Operation Torpedo took longer than 3 years, and usually over “half a dozen” children were rescued, prosecutors said. The child publishing sites had some-more than 13,000 active members combined. In a end, usually 19 group were condemned to prison.

What’s worse, officials contend they’re anticipating some-more justification of child passionate abuse on a Dark Web than ever before. Before a FBI took possess these sold sites, picture galleries racked adult outrageous numbers of views. A singular collection of images, labeled “Melinda – my daughter,” was noticed some-more than 467,000 times.

“They’re stealing in plain sight… we sojourn unable to some extent,” pronounced one comparison Justice Department central who was certified to pronounce but being named. “That’s what creates this clarity of urgency.”

By Jose Pagliery

3 Essential Ways to Improve Traffic to Your Site

Make 2016 a year that we get a formula we wish from your website. You can get a trade we wish and a income we wish by training a many effective techniques and regulating a right tools.

Since online marketing is constantly evolving, we could spend all your time reading about changes and stream best practices. Instead, I’ve gathered a essential 3 ways for we to urge a trade to your site.

Improving Your SEO

Search engine optimization helps your website benefit prominence in hunt formula and pull in some-more traffic. But SEO includes so many opposite practices that it can be a full-time pursuit perplexing to keep adult with all a changes and creation certain your site is scrupulously optimized.

In 2016, creating peculiarity content will be a many critical thing we can do for your SEO. You’ll still need to start with a right keywords to strech your audience, yet instead of formulating blog posts that are usually 400 to 500 words, we should concentration on formulating in-depth posts that are between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

Focus on peculiarity over quantity. You will get many improved formula from your SEO if we are posting one information-rich post per week than we will if we post groundless articles 5 times a week.

Creating peculiarity calm will also assistance we to facilely get links behind to your site from tip sites in your niche.

Improving Advertising Revenue

Driving some-more trade to your site is one of a best ways to boost promotion income on your site. With some-more traffic, we have some-more views and clicks, earning we some-more per ad. More trade will also make your site some-more appealing to intensity advertisers, and we can set your possess rates for arrangement and local advertising.

Using a right collection can also assistance we to urge your promotion network. For example, Pubsio is a tip network that connects advertisers and publishers. The network is some-more than only a relating use though. It also provides a collection for formulating a arrangement for in-text ads. The use includes optimization to get a best results, and we can guard a analytics to see how ads are performing.

By anticipating a right promotion service, we can take some of a work out of handling your ads while also removing improved results. Consider Pubsio or one of a large other services out there that can assistance we accommodate your promotion goals.

Improving User Experience

Improving a user experience is one of a many critical things we can do to boost a success of your site. Otherwise, users will come to your site and leave immediately, expected to never return.

Your site needs to bucket fast, be easy to navigate, and offer elementary collection to make a user knowledge easy and pleasant. That means that we shouldn’t blast your site with ads that are irritating and delayed down a page bucket time. You shouldn’t bury information or make it tough for users to find what they need. You shouldn’t emanate a wall of calm that is tedious or overwhelming.

Work with a engineer to get a best page blueprint for your site, and emanate enchanting and interactive calm that answers questions for your customers. Make certain that your site loads fast and that all information is simply accessible.

Make these changes to your site this year and we will shortly be assembly your goals for increasing trade and revenue. With a high-performing site, there’s no extent to what we can do with your business.

Updates on trade accidents and energy outages


Most people have listened a call and are staying off a roads.  If we have to conduct out click on a following clicks to find out about any trade troubles in your path. 

For up-to-the-minute updates for Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, Pickens and Spartanburg counies, click here. 

For up-to-the-minute updates for Abbeville, Greenwood and Laurens counties, click here

For live trade updates in North Carolina, click here. 


Some energy outages are being reported around a area. 

For live updates from Duke Energy on outages, click here

For live updates from Laurens Electric, click here. 

For live updates from Blue Ridge Electric, click here. 

Blizzard 2016 live discuss Saturday: Traffic, power, closings & more

 on Jan 27, 2015 in Atlantic City City.
Snow is seen attack Atlantic City in this January, 2015 record print (Mark Wilson / Getty Images) .

If you’re looking to keep adult on how a large sirocco attack NJ this weekend affects you, this is a post to bookmark.

We’ll be gripping a live discuss next open all day Saturday. Tell us what you’re saying in your area or by your classification — and see what your neighbors all around NJ have to say, too.



ON THE RADIO: Listen to New Jersey 101.5 anytime on air, online or on your phone by downloading a New Jersey 101.5 app. (In further to continue and news updates, we’ll be personification song all weekend)

SOCIAL: Follow New Jersey 101.5 on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Message us with questions and what you’re experiencing where we are. We’d adore to see your cinema of a snow!

WEATHER: Keep an eye on Dan Zarrow’s blog all weekend. Dan’s got a many arguable forecasts around — he’ll tell we what he knows, what he doesn’t, and why.

EVACUATIONS: As of Friday night, evacuations had been systematic in Barnegat and endorsed in several other towns. Is yours on a list?

FLOODING: High tides are approaching to means coastal flooding — presumably some of a misfortune we’ve seen given Sandy. Here’s where, and when, to design some of a worst.

TRAFFIC AND ROADS: Visit for stream alerts, and download a New Jersey 101.5 app to get notifications as trade issues cocktail up.

MASS TRANSIT: As of Friday night, NJ Transit planned unchanging sight and sight service, with system-wide cranky honoring Saturday and Sunday. NJ Transit issues advisories during and on Twitter @NJTransit. (New Jersey 101.5 will also share news of alerts on TwitterFacebook and the New Jersey 101.5 app as well)

POWER: We’ll be stating on vital outages via and a app. ALSO: PSEG customers, see PSEG’s energy map for outages and news downed trees, gas leaks, other emergencies or outages to 800-436-PSEG. JCPL customers, see JCPL’s map for outages. Call in issues to 888-LIGHTSS or report your outage online. Atlantic City Electric customers: See Atlantic City Electric’s map or call 800-833-7476 for any issues.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: Announcements are updated in real-time at Are we a propagandize official? You can register your district during a couple as well.

STATE EMERGENCY ALERTS: The state Office of Emergency Management issues alerts on Facebook and Twitter.

COMMUNITY ALERTS: Many New Jersey towns use a Nixle system to send alerts. Many others use Everbridge. Check those services and your metropolitan website for some-more information.

USING A GENERATOR? Here’s how to keep safe. Carbon monoxide poisoning caused 5 New Jersey deaths in a issue of superstorm Sandy.

IF YOU HAVE TO DRIVE: The best devise is to stay off a roads. If that’s not an option, here’s what withdrawal sleet and ice on your automobile could cost you.


LIKE SLEDDING? Here’s some of a best hills for sledding around New Jersey. 

MAKE THE MOST OF THE STORM: Stay off a roads until things ease down, though once NJ’s coated in snow, there’s all sorts of opportunities to have fun outdoors.

GET COOKING: Dennis Judi have suggestions for comfort food. What are yours?

ABC: UK titles’ daily web trade drops opposite a house in December

frozen traffic

UK titles reported a diminution in their daily digital readership in December, with a tip decrease of roughly a entertain purebred by Metro, according to a latest total expelled currently by a Audit Bureau of Circulation.

The outlet’s daily web trade forsaken to 1,117,256 singular visitors final month, a 22.96 per cent decrease from November. It was also a usually publisher to news a year-on-year dump in daily readership, of 5.29 per cent.

The Telegraph had a second sharpest decrease in online trade – 4,038,417 people visited a website in December, going down 19.59 per cent given a prior month, when it upheld a 5 million daily readers symbol after investing heavily in a digital operations.

Elsewhere, a normal series of daily browsers during The Express declined by 18.72 per cent, to 1,065,378 readers from 1,310,798 in November. However, a pretension still has a tip year-on-year expansion rate, of 44.62 per cent.

The Mirror’s online trade dipped by 15.79 per cent, to 3,994,246 readers in December, after flourishing in Nov due to rolling coverage of a Paris apprehension attacks.

The title’s busiest trade day over a Christmas duration was Boxing Day, Pete Picton, editorial executive of, pronounced in a press release.

“Our record and scholarship team’s disdainful on hackers tracing Isis email addresses behind to a Department of Work and Pensions was one of a tip 5 many renouned stories,” he added.

The Guardian mislaid 15.40 per cent of a daily online readership final month, reaching an normal of 7,847,537 readers, compared to 9,276,546 in November.

And some 2,796,267 people review The Independent’s website in December, down 14.68 per cent from a prior month.

MailOnline, The Daily Star and The Sun purebred a lowest dump in daily trade final month, of 9.90 per cent, 8.80 per cent and 5.63 per cent respectively.

MailOnline retains a position as a many review UK title, with an normal of 13,182,486 daily visitors, a 7.67 per cent boost year-on-year.

The Sun averaged 1,525,662 daily readers final month, down from 1,616,705 in November.

However, it has seen a substantial boost from a initial readership of 792,994 6 months ago, when it started creation some of a online calm accessible for giveaway before scrapping a paywall altogether towards a finish of 2015.

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