Pornhub & Chill: Website snowed underneath with trade during Storm Jonas

New data from shows an boost in trade to a site over a weekend of Friday Jan 22 to Sunday Jan 24, with a biggest bloat along a easterly coast, entrance from Washington DC.

“With nowhere to go, and copiousness of time on their hands, people chose to put their hands to good use and headed to Pornhub – many some-more than usual,” a matter from a site reads.

The top use was available among those vital in a country’s core of power, Washington DC, that saw an normal boost of 23 percent over a 3 charge days.


It seems a people of DC found they had giveaway time for porn in a early hours of Sunday morning, with an boost of scarcely 90 per cent in trade to a site between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

There was a after boost of 65 per cent during around 1pm, that was steady during 10 p.m.

Boston’s biggest normal boost in site visits was on Saturday, with a boost of 8 percent, though a biggest singular benefit came during 10 p.m. on Sunday with trade flourishing by one-third compared to an normal Sunday during that time.

In adjacent New York, Saturday trade jumped 9 percent, while a biggest trade boost came during 10 p.m. on Sunday, when there was an boost of scarcely 35 percent.

For a people of Philadelphia, Sunday was a day many people sought service from a cold, with an boost of 14 per cent in traffic.

In Philly, it was a box of possibly early risers or night owls causing a city’s spike in activity on Pornhub, with an boost of scarcely 50 percent between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Friday.

The swell in Pornhub’s trade comes usually dual months after a site witnessed a dump in visitors when a rarely expected videogame Fallout 4 was released.

There was a 10 per cent dump in numbers to a site on Nov 10, 2015, a day a diversion was released.