John Campbell trade downs RNZ website

Thumbs adult for Checkpoint with John Campbell


John Campbell gets going with Checkpoint on Radio New Zealand

Checkpoint with John Campbell is off to a good start, with certain reviews all round. 

A downed website overdue to online trade was though a brief disturbance.

In a tweet, Radio New Zealand pronounced a website was “dropping out” since “so many people are tuning in to @CheckpointRNZ”. 

RNZ also tweeted a graph display a high boost in trade only after a programme started during 5pm.

The unhappy finish of John Campbell
John Campbell opens adult about life after Campbell Live
Carol Hirschfeld brought John Campbell to Radio NZ
John Campbell delivers initial news for Radio NZ

The show, that launched today, runs ad-free on weekdays from 5pm-6.30pm on RNZ National. It is also live-streamed on the RNZ website and on Freeview channel 50. 

Media consultant and former news male Bill Ralston pronounced he suspicion it was “a illusory initial programme, both in radio terms and, surprisingly, in radio as well”. 

“There [Campbell] was with his eyeglasses on, looking like Joe 90, no first-night nerves.”

Nadene Lomu talks about her wish to present her kidney to late father Jonah

Using RNZ stories to lead a news circular was a “very deceit form of self-promotion”, Ralston said. 

“The thing about John in comparison with his predecessor, who we indeed utterly like, Mary Wilson, is this uncover is not as relentlessly negative. John can do light and shade unequivocally well.”

The multi-platform format is a proceed of a future, he said. 

John Campbell is behind in front of cameras as partial of RNZ's multi-platform approach.

John Campbell is behind in front of cameras as partial of RNZ’s multi-platform approach.

“It’s a new proceed for media, we think. As we get a joining between all forms of media… afterwards online takes over.”

Those on amicable media also seemed to be impressed. 

Paula Penfold tweeted: “Enjoying @JohnJCampbell‘s resonant tones behind on a airwaves. Nice work @pipkeane @CheckpointRNZ.”

The uncover started with violation news about a blazing vessel off a seashore of Whakatane.

“It was a bit extreme to organize a glow on a vessel for a initial show,” Campbell joked. 

Next, Jonah Lomu’s widow Nadene was in a studio, where she told of her try to present one of her kidneys to a former All Black.

The uncover afterwards waded into a medical pot debate, with a story on Carterton teen Grace Yeats who is battling a singular mind illness. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne might have been a initial MP to be offering an coming on a show, though he incited it down. 

With a a reduction of video and audio packages, as good as live and pre-recorded interviews, RNZ conduct of calm Carol Hirschfeld has called it “truly ground-breaking stuff”.

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