The Citizen’s website,, sets new monthly, yearly trade records, The Citizen’s online home for internal news, facilities and sports coverage, is shutting out 2015 with a bang. 

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, had 2,066,695 page views for Dec — a new monthly record for a website. The prior record was set in January, when a website purebred 2,028,817 page views. 

For a year, had 21,397,353 page views, adult from 21,070,742 final year. 

This is a sixth uninterrupted year a website has increasing traffic. In 2010, has 12,226,140 page views. Just dual years ago, in 2013, a website finished with 17,647,902 page views. 

The Citizen interjection readers for stability to support their hometown journal and website.