Opposition emerges opposite skeleton to redevelop former Cardinal Newman site

Residents dissapoint with skeleton for a $60 million mixed-use growth on Forest Drive are holding to amicable media to “Save Forest Acres.”

Or, during slightest that’s a name of a Facebook page where neighbors have common their concerns for a project, designed for a former Cardinal Newman School site on a busy, shop-lined Forest Drive corridor.

The project’s plans embody scarcely 300 unit units and a selling core to be filled with local, small-scale restaurants and boutique shops. The Beach Co. of Charleston is set to request a Forest Acres formulation panel’s capitulation for a plan on Tuesday.

The Facebook page, set adult in late November, appears to consecrate a initial orderly antithesis to a project, yet some residents voiced their doubts about “Forest Acres Village Square” on Nov. 9, when The Beach Co. hold a city gymnasium assembly to betray a plans.

More than 100 Forest Acres residents attended that meeting, that started with grumbles from a crowd, though finished with applause, and some residents observant a display had won their approval.

Ned Miller, growth manager during The Beach Co., told a throng afterwards a plan was designed to emanate a “great encampment entertainment spot” with a “welcoming, walkable area feel.”

But Forest Acres residents have complained on a Facebook page that Forest Drive already is too busy, posting photos of trade and automobile accidents on a street. That widen of Forest Drive has been maligned for a trade issues, including speeding cars, dangerous left turns and badly timed trade lights.

“We contingency residence a stream trade concerns of Forest Drive before we dedicate to a vast plan that will place extreme trade final on Forest Drive!” a page manager, who is unidentified, pronounced in one post. Efforts to strech a page manager were unsuccessful.

Anne Reamer, whose father, William Carroll, died in Feb after a car pile-up on Forest Drive circuitously a due plan site, is among those who have posted to a page. Reamer pronounced in a Facebook post after her father’s genocide that she would “make it my goal in life to make Forest Drive a safer place.”

Reamer pronounced her categorical regard with a plan is traffic, that she pronounced is now draining into circuitously neighborhoods as drivers demeanour to bypass Forest Drive. Reamer, who lives in Forest Acres, pronounced it already is tough adequate to expostulate to and from tiny shops on Forest Drive. She pronounced she worries business eventually will equivocate a area and a congestion.

“It could be a large nightmare,” Reamer said.

Courtney Hamilton, another Forest Acres resident, pronounced she shares Reamer’s concerns about traffic. Hamilton pronounced she “liked” a page as shortly as she saw it, afterwards invited her neighbors to it so they could join in on a discussion.

“Traffic is already horrible,” Hamilton said. “I can’t even suppose adding more.”

The Beach Co. is wakeful of a Facebook page, that now has some-more than 420 “likes,” though does not know who is behind it, Miller said. The developer combined a webpage, patrician “Forest Acres Update,” to explain a skeleton for a plan and for doing trade on Forest Drive, among other concerns.

Miller pronounced a growth would come with trade mitigation, including a second left-hand spin line on Forest Drive and Trenholm Road, where trade infrequently backs adult as cars wait to turn. The timing during a circuitously trade light would be practiced to promote left-hand turns out of a due development, Miller said.

Miller pronounced he expects a growth to move about 3,000 some-more cars daily to Forest Drive. But a enclosed trade slackening would equivalent that impact and, possibly, urge trade flow, he said. About 27,000 cars now transport a highway any day.

Miller pronounced he welcomes questions from residents — his hit information is on a website — and hopes to have a “positive conversation” about a plans.

“You can’t prove everybody, though we feel flattering good about a support entrance from that assembly and some of a people given then,” Miller said.

Commenters on a page also have urged one another to hit members of Forest Acres City Council and City Administrator Mark Williams to explain their concerns.

Some legislature members pronounced they have listened from handfuls of residents, many of whom worry about trade on Forest Drive. Mayor Frank Brunson pronounced he understands those concerns, though that even withdrawal a Cardinal Newman site underdeveloped would not repair Forest Drive’s trade problems.

“We’re way, approach past being means to control traffic,” Brunson said. “Somebody should have suspicion about that years ago.”

Councilwoman Ginger Dukes pronounced residents should be studious and form their opinions usually after conference all a facts. The formulation row assembly on Tuesday as good as a intensity destiny city legislature conference will yield plenty forums for that, she said.

Andy Smith, Forest Acres’ partner city administrator, pronounced a legislature could control a initial reading on a project’s skeleton as early as February.

If we go

WHAT: Forest Acres Planning Commission meeting

WHEN: 6 p.m. on Jan. 5

WHERE: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church during 3909 Forest Drive

Wanted: Cardinal Newman memories, photos

Some 50 years ago, Cardinal Newman High School non-stop a doors to students during a plcae on Forest Drive.

Today, an unit formidable and a selling core are due for a site. The propagandize will be relocating to a new plcae in Northeast Richland this month.

We are seeking readers’ memories and photographs of a Forest Drive facility. Were we a tyro there? Did we work there? And what were your memories of a place? Email contributing columnist Salley McInerney during salley.mac@gmail .com.