One Year In: New York website redesign drives vital trade gains

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A year after New York state denounced a initial website redesign in some-more than 15 years, state officials say the update was good value a wait.

Even Gov. Andrew Cuomo is touting a new‘s record-breaking trade numbers: The website’s page views quadrupled to 17.2 million from 3.9 million a year ago, according to the state’s Office of Information Technology Services. The bureau also reported seeing double a array of users altogether and triple a volume of mobile traffic, and noted a rate during that users leave a site after visiting only one page has declined by some-more than 20 percent.

Melanie Galinski, a site’s ubiquitous manager, attributed a strike to poignant improvements on a site.

Before the update, “any time we wanted to make a change it compulsory an engineer,” Galinski told StateScoop. “We had a damaged search, it was unfit to use on any form of mobile device, full of passed links. It only really had a out of touch, out of date, out of sequence form feel.”

Now she pronounced a site uses responsive design, a some-more absolute hunt duty and a territory that “customizes information around supervision to a citizen” formed on where they live in a state. There were editorial changes as well: The new site lays out accessible supervision services in plain denunciation and groups them by difficulty rather than by a group that runs them, creation exchange easier to finish and gripping people entrance behind for more.

Overall, it’s easier to use, she said.

“I consider people aren’t as undone as they used to be,” Galinski said.

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For a redesign, Galinski and her group motionless to work with software-as-a-service association Acquia to use open-source web calm supervision height Drupal. The changes a group done were essential for ramping adult a site’s mobile traffic, Galinski said. Her staff available some-more than 1.9 million mobile sessions over a final year with a new site, compared to only over 524,000 a year ago. She credits a site’s manageable pattern for finale a “pinching and squeezing” compulsory to use a aged site on a mobile device, and building that trade in a process.

For all those successes, Galinski said that her group is constantly examining user metrics and perplexing to beget even incomparable trade gains in’s second year. But she’s also anticipating to enhance a site’s pattern to a state’s several agencies, that still mostly use their own, old-fashioned designs.

“Our agencies yield a services, so it’s so critical to get them adult to speed and get them regulating a same mindset,” Galinski said.

Todd Akers, Acquia’s clamp boss for open zone business, pronounced his association would be intent with a state “for a foreseeable future” on a project, and they’re “making agreement changes as we speak.”

Over a subsequent few years, Galinski hopes to see that plan swell to a indicate where no longer has to include descriptions of state services, though rather couple directly to a agencies that yield them.

“I can see morphing into something a small bit some-more strong and pushing trade behind to a agencies,” Galinski said. “We’re all a state, we’re all family, so we wish to demeanour into how we can share information, share jobs, events, things a normal New Yorker might not know a agencies have.”

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