Chart: Amazon India races past Flipkart in web traffic

Amazon India has intoxicated ads opposite heading newspapers this morning, that explain is a many visited ecommerce website in India.

Data from analytics websites Alexa, Websiteoutlook and SimilarWeb bear out Amazon’s assertion, with any putting it forward of a rival, homegrown ecommerce vital Flipkart.

The US-based Amazon launched in India in 2013. Since then, Amazon and Bengaluru-based Flipkart (founded by dual ex-Amazon employees) have been sealed in a tough conflict for supremacy.

The draft next shows how trade has trended for both Flipkart and Amazon, with a latter racing forward of a opposition Oct onward, in terms of estimated monthly visits. (Chart courtesy: SimilarWeb).

However, it contingency be mentioned that over a past year or so, Flipkart has focused a energies on posterior a mobile plan (earlier this year, it close down a mobile website, opting to continue usually with mobile app).

So while a analytics information is a website-to-website comparison, both Amazon and Flipkart record a infancy of their exchange on phone. (While information is not clear, Flipkart expected has extremely some-more app installs compared to Amazon.)

As a result, it can't be insincere that some-more website trade automatically leads to some-more revenues for Amazon vis-a-vis Flipkart.