NYC Traffic Congestion Prompts Website, Calls for Tolls during East River Crossings

Fed adult commuters are posting photos of their slightest favorite trade spots in New York City with a wish of throwing a courtesy of city and state lawmakers.

David Moore, of Red Hook, loathes pushing over a Manhattan Bridge into a city, where trade slows to a crawl, generally during rush hour.

“It’s flattering most disharmony on Chrystie Street in a morning,” Moore said. “Everyone’s removing tangled adult during all these predicament points. we don’t consider it’s safe.” 

But instead of feeling infirm about a gridlock, Moore has found a approach to vent. He takes photos of his leave favorite intersection — a “particular pain point” of Chrystie and Canal streets — and posts them to

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The website, that is run by Joshua Brooks from Cornell Law School, provides a place for New Yorkers to post photos of overload and plead a causes of trade problems, as good as probable solutions.

“If we consider that reckoning out how to solve NY’s overload problem should engage a people who live and work here, not only experts and seductiveness groups, afterwards you’ve come to a right place,” the website reads.

Public contention on a site is open by Dec. 1. Comments and photos will afterwards be gathered and submitted to internal and state officials and travel authorities.

“We are going to take all a comments here and contention it to each lawmaker in New York,” Brooks said.

The Smart Participation site has combined coercion to a pull by Alex Matthiesen during MoveNY, a organisation that wants tolls during East River crossings. MoveNY says adding tolls to East River crossings will assistance overload and cut tolls during other MTA bridges opposite a city. The organisation predicts that their devise will supplement $1.5 billion in annual income and boost annual mercantile outlay by $2.8 billion.

“We are assured a some-more a normal New Yorker knows about a devise a some-more expected they’ll support it,” Matthiesen said.

But a devise has many opponents and it has also encountered Albany gridlock, famous for being about as delayed as a morning expostulate into Manhattan.