Rentping Media CEO saved his company–because a Bible


Rentping Media CEO David Watson in their new bureau space in southeast Lincoln, Nebraska.

With a floundering website and staff layoffs,  David Watson incited to his faith–and it altered his whole proceed to business.

Rentping Media CEO David Watson and his mother changed into their initial unit in Omaha steer unseen.

“We both had full-time jobs and didn’t have time to demeanour around during places to live,” Watson said. “I suspicion to myself, ‘There has to be a improved way.’”

In 2008, Watson seized an event to deposit in his father’s skill government business in Lincoln, Century Sales Management, LLC. He analyzed how a association was spending income on advertising, and detected a lapse on investment was not what it should be. But what was a alternative?

Mistakes were made

He had spent summers during college leasing apartments in 10- and 20-plex buildings for Century, and was struck by a series of appointments who possibly didn’t uncover adult or took one demeanour and left. What if a association shot video walkthroughs of accessible apartments and put them on a web?

Easier pronounced than done, during slightest in a beginning.

“It took us awhile to get to even an pledge level,” Watson said. “It was tough to get a fast shot, and to understanding with variations in lighting. You competence be looking out a window in splendid sunshine, afterwards spin around and fire a dim corner.”

Then there was a plea of gripping adult with rapidly-changing web and mobile technologies.

“It was costing us $100 an hour for website updates, and we usually had one male lerned to fire video,” Watson said.

Despite a challenges, Watson started and found a marketplace among skill government companies in Lincoln and Omaha.

“It’s fundamentally a website with walkthrough videos, and it’s still active in Lincoln and Omaha though is no longer a categorical concentration of a business,” Watson said.

Watson motionless to hurl a bones on enlargement by employing sales people in places like Des Moines, Kansas City and Dallas.

“It fell flat,” Watson said. “We done a integrate of bad hires, and also a integrate of good ones. But no one wanted to be on a website that had small trade and few other internal companies.”

In late 2011, Watson done skeleton to lay off a vast apportionment of his staff.

“Literally 45 mins before a layoffs were going to be announced, we sealed dual new contracts so we cancelled those plans,” he said. “The contracts were terrible, and we still should have laid people off.”

“Our product was all about a brand”

This is where a concentration occurred with a business.

“I’m a male of faith,” Watson said, “and a thoroughfare in a Bible about deliberation other people to be some-more critical that yourself caused me to totally re-think a business model.”

“Our product was all about a brand,,” Watson said. “We flipped a business indication to be all about a customer.”

The outcome was a launch in early 2012 of, a association that focuses on building and progressing web sites for skill government companies.

“We sole positively zero for a initial 6 months, and we suspicion I’d done another large mistake,” Watson said. “We landed a initial understanding in Jun 2012 and now do business with companies in some-more than 30 states.”

Rather than perplexing to expostulate web trade to their possess web site, uses a common height to emanate tradition sites for any of their clients.

“We concentration on program as a use and full-service selling support,” Watson said. “The common height allows us to optimize hunt engine formula for any customer and also to fast hurl out any changes done by Google and other hunt engines opposite all of a customer sites.” now has 21 full-time employees, and final week changed into new bureau space in southeast Lincoln. The space is still underneath construction so employees are anticipating nooks and crannies to set adult while a work is being finished.

So what recommendation does Watson have for other startups?

“Make certain your product or use is truly profitable to people and beneficial to society,” Watson said. “Then get after it.”

Rod Armstrong is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AIM in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a unchanging writer to Silicon Prairie News.