No assistance in steer for Prospect Road trade jams

Fort Collins motorists streamer to or withdrawal Interstate 25 have a few options during a morning or dusk rush-hour commute.

If Prospect Road is your option, ready to lay in traffic — a lot of traffic.

The renouned east-west highway narrows from dual lanes in any instruction to one line starting during Prospect Park Way, usually easterly of Timberline Road, to a -25. That widen of Prospect causes vital trade jams in a morning, starting on a I-25 off-ramp during Prospect, where trade infrequently backs adult all a approach onto a interstate. In a evening, many times trade is corroborated adult from I-25 west to circuitously Timberline Road.

Other contributing factors to Prospect Road delays in easterly Fort Collins include the occasional sight that blocks a highway usually west of Timberline, a circuitously propagandize that clogs trade before and after school, though that has no propagandize territory on Prospect, and black stop lights circuitously a interstate.

CONSTRUCTIONThere is a process to Fort Collins highway construction madness

“The final mile or so (east) gets balled adult easily,” pronounced Eric Jensen, around Facebook. “One delayed car and it backs up. Doesn’t assistance that a rest area changed to a front highway so trucks have to exit Prospect (and) then spin left …

“I’d like to know what is holding adult a 4 lanes. They built a overpass and new territory far-reaching enough, though striped it for one line and a bike path. There is a apart bike path.”

Money, or miss thereof, is what’s holding adult widening Prospect easterly to a interstate.

Widening a highway to 4 lanes is identified as a vital priority in a city’s dual transport master plans. But there’s no appropriation permitted for a plan approaching to cost between $8 million and $13 million, pronounced city operative and plan manager Dean Klingner.

There’s no calendar for a appropriation to come available, either, and a city isn’t posterior short-term appropriation for widening a highway that’s a true shot from I-25 to Colorado State University’s new 41,000-seat on-campus set to open for a 2017 football season.

ROAD CLOSURES: Larimer County highway closures: Oct. 6-12

In 2007, Fort Collins spent $7 million renovating a widen from Summit View to a Prospect Road overpass over a Poudre River, adding bike lanes, landscaped median and multi-use pathway south of a road. The city also purchased a right of approach along a highway and built a new overpass over a Poudre River that can accommodate 4 lanes when or if a highway is widened.

Why did a city supplement a bike line instead of a car lane? Because a appropriation came from a .25 cent sales taxation that singular a plan to “partial improvement,” Klingner said.

Maureen Murphy Houser told a Coloradoan around Facebook she was repelled when a city upgraded Prospect though didn’t build additional transport lanes. “What a missed opportunity,” she said.

While car trade on Prospect backs adult during certain times of a day, cyclist use of a bike line west of Timberline is low.

In a 2013 trade study, 7 bikes were counted streamer eastward on Prospect by a intersection of Timberline during a morning, afternoon and dusk rush hours. That’s compared to 1,160 vehicles during a same time periods.

The normal daily trade on Prospect closer to a interstate, circuitously Running Deer Natural Area, is 9,402 eastward vehicles and 9,626 westbound vehicles. Bicycle numbers aren’t counted here, pronounced trade operative Joe Olson. The closest bike numbers are during Prospect and Timberline.

Daily trade on Prospect is lighter than on Mulberry Street and Harmony Road, both of that have mixed car lanes any approach their whole length into a heart of a city.

Harmony sees by distant a many traffic, with 27,713 eastward and 22,102 westbound vehicles daily. Mulberry circuitously I-25 sees an normal of 16,500 vehicles in both directions.

But over a past year, those Mulberry numbers have been vastly reduced given construction on a overpass over a Poudre River has sealed a eastward lanes. The highway for overpass construction leads I-25-bound trade to Prospect, Olson said. Construction on a Mulberry overpass is approaching to be finish by mid-November.

Even if a reopening of Mulberry overpass does reroute some of a traffic, overload on Prospect is approaching by many to usually get worse once a CSU track starts hosting football games between Pitkin and Lake street, circuitously Meridian Avenue, a retard north of Prospect.

But CSU doesn’t trust game-day trade on Prospect will be any worse than it is now. Fred Haberecht, CSU comforts government planner, remarkable Prospect is already a categorical track to Hughes Stadium and that a Inter-Governmental Agreement between a city and a university for a new track calls for solutions outward widening a road.

Whereas Hughes Stadium’s plcae on a western corner of city requires many fans to drive, a new track will be significantly some-more accessible, so a IGA proposes ways Prospect can improved accommodate choice transportation. One idea is a park-and-ride during a Colorado Welcome Center during Prospect and I-25. The $6.1 million underpass during Centre Avenue, to be finished subsequent summer, will assistance though is apart from a IGA.

“It’s about distant some-more than a pristine ability of a road,” Haberecht said.

And it’s also about distant some-more than a overload on Prospect, either circuitously a university, a widespread or elsewhere. At least, that’s according to a Colorado Department of Transportation, that believes a trade on dual other I-25 corridors in Fort Collins is most worse.

On a southbound and northbound Harmony ramps, there are some-more than 7,500 and 6,800 vehicles a day, respectively, according to a CDOT investigate in 2014. That’s a substantial cube of a some-more than 26,000 daily vehicles pushing I-25 during Harmony.

To a south, during Colorado State Highway 392 and I-25, there are some-more than 36,000 vehicles a day. The southbound Colorado 392 ramp sees scarcely 8,000 vehicles and a northbound ramp 6,700.

These numbers have stirred CDOT to implement $350,000 ramp meters on a southbound Harmony ramp and both Highway 392 ramps this spring. These meters, that demeanour like trade lights, umpire a upsurge of trade entering a widespread according to stream trade conditions CDOT orator Jared Fiel said.

Traffic numbers on Mulberry and Prospect ramps aren’t permitted since CDOT felt they don’t knowledge as most overload and didn’t embody them in a study, Fiel said.

Still, in a check a Coloradoan conducted on amicable media, scarcely all of a 19 people who responded pronounced Prospect is a trade nightmare.

Summed adult Trevor Moriarity on Facebook: “A calamity each singular day.”

Fantasy sports sites underneath review – WWMT

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WWMT-TV Newschannel 3 provides internal news, continue forecasts, notices of events and party programming for Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, South Haven, Paw Paw, Portage, Otsego, Texas Township, Oshtemo, Plainwell, Allegan, Holland, Saugatuck, Holland, Wayland, Kentwood, Middleville, Hastings, Marshall, Three Rivers, Sturgis, Constantine, Coldwater, Albion, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Allendale, Byron Center, Hudsonville, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Sparta, Rockford, Belding, Greenville, Ionia, Cedar Springs and their surrounding areas.

How Fox Sports increased site trade — and rendezvous — in 6 weeks

While Fox Sports has witnessed good expansion in assembly on amicable platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it is also meddlesome in removing people to spend time on a possess site.

Six weeks ago, a association started rolling out a new pattern for a Web and mobile sites, that has 3 pivotal new features: A “semi-infinite” corkscrew that includes four consecutive stories, personalized essay recommendations formed on a user’s past browsing history, and a bound amicable bar that creates it easier for users to criticism on and share articles.

The preference to make these changes came as a outcome of Fox Sports Digital saying really low rendezvous on a platforms — a “fundamental problem,” according to a company’s svp of product growth Devin Poolman. This is since a aged was really URL-focused. Users who clicked on a couple were usually presented with that essay and had to proactively search for other things they competence wish to examination or watch on a site. Often, that meant a lot of drop-off.

“Whether they were entrance from mobile or Facebook, in a normal experience, we weren’t giving them a lot of event to do anything other than examination that story,” pronounced Poolman.

Social and mobile users are traditionally seen as impatient, that finished this a pivotal emanate for Fox Sports generally deliberation how most of a assembly is entrance from those environments. In August, 35 percent of trade came from amicable media, according to Adobe Analytics data, and 78 percent of a sum monthly assembly was on mobile, according to comScore. (Overall, Fox Sports had 19.1 million singular visitors in August.)

In environment out to make a change, Fox Sports brought together a cross-disciplinary group that spanned sales, ad ops, engineering, financial and product design. “We had vast swaths of people participating,” pronounced Poolman. “Here’s a problem, let’s review, let’s deliver other parameters, let’s demeanour during solutions and emanate something testable.”

It’s during this routine that a association also finished a indicate to urge a video knowledge on a site. “Our video actor was holding too prolonged to load,” pronounced Poolman. “By a time it did, people would already have corkscrew by on a page.”

Here, a engineering team’s work on video and page-load times — that are now loading 20 percent and 48 percent faster, according to Poolman — as good as a preference to supplement personalized recommendations has helped. Instead of operative with a third-party vendor, Fox Sports built a possess recommendation engine, that suggests 3 articles formed on what users have formerly browsed, favourite and shared. These stories, many of that have videos embedded within, also uncover adult underneath a strange essay as partial of a site’s new multistory scroll.

“We now can brand that we are a larger consumer of video than another person, and since of that, we can change a calm upsurge [to fit you],” pronounced Poolman.

Since implementing a changes, has witnessed a 23 percent lift in pageviews and 37 percent boost in time spent per caller who came around amicable media. The rebound rate has decreased by 14 percent and video views have doubled.

Initially tested with usually to 1 percent of a users, a new pattern is now accessible to 20 percent with skeleton to hurl it out widely within a subsequent week or two, according to Poolman.

That doesn’t meant a work is done. While it’s now regulating a supposed “semi-infinite” scroll, a association will expected exam an gigantic chronicle down a road. It’s also anticipating to boost a participation of scores on a site, that has been combined to a product roadmap, and will shortly supplement an ad section to a right of a page.

“We’re during a theatre where we [feel] certified that we have a most improved experience,” pronounced Poolman, “but it’s an elaborating process.”

Traffic embroiled on US 221, US 460 this morning

Posted: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015 8:23 am

Traffic embroiled on U.S. 221, U.S. 460 this morning

Eleanor Roy

Drivers should watch out for embroiled trade this morning on U.S. 460 in Campbell County and U.S. 221 in Bedford County due to wrecks and a infirm vehicle, according to a Virginia Department of Transportation.

All eastward lanes of U.S. 460 nearby Turkey Foot Road were close down as of 8:09 a.m. due to a car wreck.

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Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015 8:23 am.

Microsoft sites display visitors’ form info in plain text

If we consider regulating secure HTTP would be adequate to strengthen your remoteness when checking webmail, consider again. When users bond to their Microsoft user criticism page,, or even when regulating HTTPS, a tie leaks a singular identifier that can be used to collect their name and form print in plaintext.

A singular identifier called a CID is unprotected since it’s sent as partial of a Domain Name Service lookup for a residence of a storage server containing form information and as partial of a arising of an encrypted connection. As a result, it could be used to lane users when they bond to services from both computers and mobile devices, possibly even identifying users as their requests leave a Tor anonymizing network.

In a lab test, Ars reliable a leak, initial publicized this weekend by a blogger formed in Beijing. Packet captures of connectors to, a Windows criticism page, and suggested DNS lookup requests for a horde with a format cid-[user’s CID here] The CID is also embedded in a Server Name Indication (SNI) prolongation information exchanged during a Transport Layer Security “handshake” that secures a event to a services, as Ars reliable in an investigation of a packets.

The CID can be used to collect a user’s form image, and it can also be used around a OneDrive site to collect a user’s criticism arrangement name. By accessing metadata from Microsoft’s Live use with a CID, someone could also collect information about when a criticism was final accessed and when it was created. The same metadata can display information compared with a Live Calendar application, including user location. But it can also be used as a singular tracker for individuals—a “strong identifier” in National Security Agency parlance—to mark their network trade as it flows opposite a Internet. This information can afterwards be used to relate someone’s identity with other trade from a same IP address. While regulating an anonymizing network such as Tor would disguise a start indicate of a traffic, CID information would be unprotected once trade left a Tor exit node.

Ars reached out to Microsoft for criticism on a leaked data. A Microsoft orator pronounced that a association is wakeful of a emanate and is scheming a response. When serve information is available, we’ll refurbish this story.

County Launches Traffic Camera Website

Arlington trade camera website

Arlington County is putting a 180 trade cameras online for all to view.

A new website launched by a county allows anyone with an internet tie to perspective real-time video streams from cameras along categorical roads around Arlington.

“This new use is partial of a County’s beginning to foster open information and improved offer all those who use Arlington streets,” Arlington travel arch Dennis Leach pronounced in a press release. “We’re utilizing record to yield a open with real-time trade conditions so that they can make sensitive decisions about their designed outing – anything from a invert to a special event.”

The cameras were previously viewable on, although some-more recently a cameras were mostly inoperable on a site.

The county says it is formulation on adding VDOT highway cameras to a trade camera page “in a future.” Currently, VDOT cameras can be noticed on a 511 Virginia Traffic Information website.

The new trade camera complement is not but a drawbacks: a sampling by suggested that about 1 in 5 cameras was “temporarily unavailable,” and cameras are comparatively meagre north of a Rosslyn-Ballston corridor.

In further to now being permitted to curious residents, a cameras are used by transportation officials and open reserve agencies to guard trade around a county.

“The Transportation, Engineering Operations Bureau monitors trade cameras to yield nurse transformation of trade and for occurrence government purposes,” a press recover says. “These cameras are also common with a Emergency Communications Center and a Arlington County Police Department.”

The cameras, however, are not in place to quarrel crime.

“Feeds are not ceaselessly monitored and a images shown are never recorded,” the county notes. “These cameras are not dictated to be used as crime impediment or stating tools.”

Arlington says it is stability to ascent and update a trade infrastructure. From a press release:

For a final few years, a County has been upgrading a trade vigilance communications network from copper wire to fiber. This state-of-the-art record improves a trustworthiness of a trade cameras and provides higher-quality feeds. It also will assistance a County exercise a Smart Traffic Signal System, that integrates real-time trade monitoring with Variable Message Signs (VMS), blue tooth devices, video detections and trade cameras. Upgrades will continue by open of 2016.

How Removing Old Website Content Can Improve Your Traffic

Ever cruise about Google Panda? It feels a small “old hat” to speak about it, given it’s now scarcely 5 years old. But this service, that ruthlesssly searches a Internet for pages that don’t accommodate a peculiarity standards — and penalizes sites with poor content, is still value addressing. The reason: It’s still hurting sites. Panda was rolled into a categorical Google algorithm, yet semi-regular Panda updates still occur semi-regularly. 

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One opinion out there says that calm of a certain age doesn’t matter, that Google (and Panda) knows that comparison calm is mostly abandoned by readers and is some-more or reduction irrelevant. But that’s not true. Old, poor-quality calm does harm your hunt ranking, as prolonged as that low-quality calm stays on your site and is permitted to a hunt engine. 

You might be sitting on a bullion cave of mislaid SEO value we can redeem with a few elementary changes.

Six years ago and more, it was a normal to write brief blog posts, 500 difference or less, about any keyword-focused theme we could find in your niche. Certainly, a lot of that aged calm was profitable during a time. These days, though, it doesn’t magnitude up. Where a 500-word post once sufficed, currently a 1,000-word post hardly cuts it. The ideal, according to Medium, is a post that takes around 7 mins to read and is around 1,600 difference long. SerpIQ did a identical investigate a few years ago. It counted a calm of a tip 10 hunt formula for a accumulation of queries and came adult with a figure closer to 2,400 words

Identifying calm that needs work

For owners of comparison sites, we might face a daunting charge auditing your aged content. It might include hundreds or thousands of aged posts underneath 1,000 words. If usually there were an easier approach to figure out what needs to be altered and what isn’t spiteful we and can be left as is.

That’s where Panguin comes in. This tool, from Barracuda Digital, hooks into your Google Analytics implement and scans your trade history. It compares a trade available on your pages with a dates of famous Panda, Penguin and other algorithmic updates. Any page where it notices an sudden drop, it flags for you. Of course, it works usually as distant behind as you’ve had Google Analytics, since Google doesn’t lane any information before it itself existed.

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Fixing aged content

When we learn calm that doesn’t accommodate complicated peculiarity standards, it’s apparent that we have to do something about it. What should that be, though? There are a few options we can take.

  • If a calm has a seeds of something valuable, something evergreen, we can rewrite it to make it some-more valuable. Take an aged 500-word post and supplement some-more data, some-more value, some-more insight. Boost it adult to 1,500 words, 2,000 or more. For good measure, send it on another turn of graduation around amicable media.
  • If a calm is one of several brief posts on a same theme or on identical subjects, cruise merging them into one some-more profitable post. One good event for this is a aged FAQ; if your questions and answers were distant onto opposite posts with opposite URLs, that content might have been improved for SEO pre-2011. These days, though, it’s improved to combine all of those pages into a singular profitable FAQ and route a aged posts to a new post.
  • If a calm is functionally a shorter, reduction profitable chronicle of a most better, some-more new post, feel giveaway to mislay and route a aged post to a new URL. A route helps safety any value of aged incoming links.
  • If a calm is radically valueless, would be meaningless to rewrite and has small or zero in a approach of incoming links and traffic, go forward and undo it. It could be spiteful you, and there’s zero to route it to, so it’s ideally protected to delete.

There’s no contrition in deletion aged content. There’s even value to be found, if that aged calm is holding we back. Getting absolved of it, and rewriting, redirecting and improving other aged pieces of calm is like lifting a weight off your shoulders. It helps retrieve aged trade and, above all, gives Google a improved sense of a altogether normal peculiarity of your site. 

So, giveaway yourself! Cut out a lowest value calm so a a normal value calm can rise. That alone will urge your complicated trade considerably.

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