YIFY’s Downtime Will Mean Fewer Quality Movie Torrents On Kickass Torrents …

Another one bites a dust. After Google placed Kickass Torrents on a Harmful Programs list and Popcorn Time’s categorical flare went offline, a third swell site, YIFY movies, now looks like it competence be gone for good.

YIFY’s main website has offering zero though an nonchalant vacant page for scarcely a week now. It’s probable that a site has been knocked out by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, though TorrentFreak reported Tuesday the site’s routinely outspoken administrators have not responded to press inquiries or done any appearances in robbery forums. They’ve also stayed off amicable media — another anomaly.

A DDoS conflict occurs when a Web trade from millions of computers is hijacked and destined during a singular target, forcing it offline. But YIFY — also famous as YTS torrents — is a 575th many renouned website in a world, according to Alexa Internet rankings, so it would take a DDoS of critical bulk (and critical price) to take a site down.

A final storm from YIFY could emanate some-more of an impact on a Internet robbery village than a remarkable detriment of a Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents, for instance, since those sites’ index torrents that already exist. YIFY is one of a handful of sites that uploads a cinema to those sites in a initial place, mostly in DVD or Blu Ray quality. They were among a many downloaded files for hundreds of renouned movies until a site stopped posting them altogether but an explanation.

Whatever a case, users are apoplectic.