TalkTalk cyber-attack: Website strike by ‘significant’ breach

Media captionTalkTalk arch executive Dido Harding: “We wanted to take a prevision of contacting all of a business as quick as possible”

Police are questioning a “significant and postulated cyber-attack” on a TalkTalk website, a UK association says.

The phone and broadband provider, that has over 4 million UK customers, pronounced banking sum and personal information could have been accessed.

TalkTalk pronounced potentially all business could be influenced though it was too early to know what information had been stolen.

The Metropolitan Police pronounced nobody had been arrested over Wednesday’s conflict though enquiries were ongoing.

TalkTalk pronounced in a statement that a rapist review had been launched on Thursday.

It pronounced there was a possibility that some of a following patron data, not all of that was encrypted, had been accessed:

  • Names and addresses
  • Dates of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • TalkTalk criticism information
  • Credit label and bank details

In a arise of a news, the company’s share cost forsaken by 10% in a initial few hours after a London batch sell non-stop during 08:00 BST.

Cyber confidence consultant and former Scotland Yard investigator Adrian Culley told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that a Russian Islamist organisation had posted online to explain shortcoming for a attacks.

He pronounced hackers claiming to be a cyber-jihadi organisation had posted information that seemed to be TalkTalk customers’ private information – nonetheless he stressed their explain was nonetheless to be accurate or investigated.

Dido Harding, arch executive of a TalkTalk group, told BBC News a authorities were questioning and she could not criticism on a claims.


By Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC record correspondent

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Cyber-attacks on consumer companies occur with ascent frequency, though TalkTalk’s fast preference to advise all of a business that their critical information is during risk suggests that this one is really critical indeed.

We are being told that this was what’s called a DDoS – a distributed rejection of use conflict – where a website is strike by waves of trade so heated that it can't cope. What is not transparent is because this would outcome in a detriment of information rather than only a site going down. One idea is that a DDoS was a means of distracting TalkTalk’s counterclaim group while a criminals went about their work.

I’m positive that TalkTalk customers’ details, including banking information, were all being hold in a UK rather than in some abroad information centre. What is reduction transparent is a border to that that information was encrypted.

For TalkTalk, a cost to a repute is approaching to be really serious. Now it is going to have to encourage a business that a confidence practices are strong adequate to recover their trust.

The TalkTalk website was now secure again and TV, broadband, mobile and phone services had not been influenced by a attack, she added.

The sales website and a “My account” services are still down though a association hopes to revive them on Friday.

Ms Harding added: “It’s too early to know accurately what information has been pounded and what has been stolen,” she said.

“Potentially it could impact all of a customers, that is because we are contacting them all by email and we will also write to them as well.”

Media captionCyber confidence consultant Daniel Dresner: “Think either what we are observant is accurately a kind of information that would open adult your bank account”

However, business have voiced their disappointment with what is a third cyber-attack to impact TalkTalk over a past 12 months.

Sara Jones, from East Sussex, pronounced she found out about a crack in a news.

“I have not perceived a singular square of correspondence. The turn of information is lacking. And to consider this is Get Safe Online Week!

“TalkTalk’s online recommendation is not proportional to what has happened. Telling business to “keep an eye on accounts” only does not cut it in terms of advice.”

Daniel Musgrove, from Powys, pronounced he had been incompetent to get by to TalkTalk patron services.

“They might not get a remuneration for my subsequent check if they don’t get this sorted,” he added.

In August, a association suggested a mobile sales site had been targeted and personal information breached.

And in February, TalkTalk business were warned about scammers who had managed to take thousands of criticism numbers and names.