Property Natter: Quirky views, website trade and a adore event with ‘hybrid’

I’m essay this from a code spanking new Center Parks in Woburn Forest. Set within 365 acres of sensuous Bedfordshire forest, it’s usually an hour from London though feels like a whole other world. 

Back in a universe of work and we competence have seen this Industry Views piece by Russell Quirk, CEO and Founder of eMoov, final weekend. 

The categorical crux of his evidence revolved around a comprehensive stress of good user rendezvous with your audience. Taking a traffic/website participation we benefit each day and successfully enchanting with it. By enchanting with it, your chances of branch this trade into genuine businessman and landlord leads and (eventually) instructions is firm to go up.

It’s all really good carrying an assembly or gaining traffic, though if that assembly isn’t afterwards intent with, what’s a point? You only have a bucket of intensity leads, somewhere in a ether, that could have helped grow your business though instead aren’t being capitalised on.

As Russell forked out, a large portals know a stress of flourishing their assembly and afterwards enchanting with pronounced audience. Whatever we consider of them, a portals know what their assembly wish and they yield them with it. That’s since they’ve turn so popular. 

Putting aside a portal wars aspect of Russell’s square – as I’ve pronounced before, we don’t wish to open adult that can of worms! – he done a current indicate that enchanting with consumers is a best approach of building a constant audience. Getting people to come back, time and time again, since they can rest on we and a services we offer. It’s like your favourite internal grill – we go again and again and again since we know a food will be tip nick and a use will be brilliant.

Agencies, like a grill industry, still rest heavily on repute and, even now, word of mouth. A chairman competence use your website, like what they see, and suggest we to a relative, crony or work colleague. On a other hand, they competence revisit your website, be unhappy with what they find (and a miss of rendezvous being offered) and suggest we to no-one.

One probable approach of enchanting your audience, as we mentioned final time out, is a call to action, a hook, a ‘lead magnet’ if we will. Whether that be a ‘instant online valuation’ lead gen tool, a giveaway seller’s container or something like a giveaway conveyancing or debt quote. 

Without wanting to blow a possess wail too most – well, OK, a small bit – trade levels and assembly stretch is something a categorical publications here during Angels Media (Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today and Landlord Today) perform really strongly at. According to Alexa, an eccentric trade aggregator, EAT is ranked 2,827th in a UK (as of Oct 23) and LAT is a 5,093rd (as of Oct 23) most-visited website, while a subsequent top ranked estate and vouchsafing group online trade announcement is Property Industry Eye, that is now in 5,356th place (as of Oct 23). Our landlord-facing publication, Landlord Today, is ranked 4,758th (October 23).  

To put this into some arrange of context, Rightmove is ranked 21st in a country, The Times is 359th and Foxtons is 1,571st. So we’re not doing too badly!  

In other news, we attended a Property Tech Conference (#PropTech15) on Wednesday 14th October. It was hold in a really swanky Altitude 360 venue in a Milbank Tower, where overwhelming breathtaking views of London’s skyline could be had (see below). If Carlsberg Angels Media did views…

At a eventuality itself there was a display by Google and a sharp-witted discuss about online and normal agencies, featuring Mr Quirk from eMoov (we only can’t get divided from him!), Countrywide’s arch digital officer Alex Bailes (who has in a final few days indeed resigned his position, what a flip?), Chris Wood from PDQ Property and Michael Bruce from Purplebricks. Very engaging stuff. 

Titled “The Big Debate: Online Agents Vs Traditional Agents – Which One Is Really Better For The Customers?”, it was generally carried out in good spirits with no genuine exhilarated exchanges. There was a ubiquitous accord that there is a place for all in a marketplace and that genuine budget/rogue operators are a problem, and there was also a ubiquitous accord among all participants that a hybrid indication is a future. Countrywide, in particular, were really penetrating on a hybrid model, with Bailes arguing that group was quick apropos “all about a hybrid space”. 

According to investigate they carried out, business contend they don’t wish quite online. Nonetheless, there is a shred of a marketplace who wish to select from a menu of offerings. “Customers who wish coherence will have it,” he added. Whether that is still a celebration line now Bailes has gone, who knows? Will be engaging to see how that plays out over a subsequent few months.  

It was also engaging to hear how penetrating Russell Quirk and eMoov were to stretch themselves from a tab of ‘online agent’. Hybrid, hybrid, hybrid seemed to be a buzzword of a day.

And finally, this subsequent quote from Ken Blanchard – an American author, motivational orator and government consultant (thanks Google!) – held my eye. It successfully summarises a stress of teams over people some-more succinctly than we ever could.

And that’s that for this week’s Natter. Until subsequent time…

*Nat Daniels is a Chief Executive Officer of Angels Media, publishers of Estate Agent Today and Letting Agent Today