Johnston Press offers staff money prizes for website trade growth

Johnston Press has launched a new beginning charity a staff money prizes for augmenting website traffic.

In an email to staff, a publisher set out skeleton for a 201 sites to strech a sum 110m page views per month. In a initial half of 2015, Johnston Press captivated an average 972,454 daily singular users, withdrawal it behind Trinity Mirror, Newsquest and Local World.

The “competition”, using over October, Nov and December, gives edition units a possibility to win adult to £5,000 “for a jubilee eventuality for delivering a top commission boost in page perspective growth”.

The email said: “The categorical esteem leader will be announced during a start of 2016, providing winners with a possibility to put a Jan blues behind them with a group eventuality of their choice!  

“There are other money prizes adult for grabs, as good as a Chief Executive’s Prize and mark prizes via a entertain for superb group or particular performances.”

The prizes, “awarded for a top commission boost in page views opposite a biggest websites of any of a PUs for a final 3 months of 2015” – and doubled if a 110m page views aim is achieved – are:

  • £2,500 for initial prize
  • £1,250 for second
  • £750 for third
  • And £250 for all other edition units.

There is also a Chief Executive’s Prize of £500 and £250 for a runner-up and 5 mark prizes of £200 for people or teams. These “will prerogative a quite clever or innovative thought or story and is open to all editorial teams and group members”.

The summary said: “Editorial Directors will share a targets for a publications within their areas, and we will tell formula monthly to uncover how a teams are performing. (Picture: Shutterstock)

“To assistance a expostulate to a aim we will continue to share ideas and stories opposite titles, and a operation of prizes on offer means everybody in a Editorial teams has a possibility of winning.  We will move we a preference of a stories that are creation an impact via a generation of a campaign.”

Editorial Board Chairman Jeremy Clifford, who is also editor of a Yorkshire Post, said: “This is a initial time Editorial has been means to come together around one common target. Putting together a foe will hopefully instil a bit of fun around what is an impossibly critical target.

“It has been designed to inspire common ideas pity not usually within PUs though also opposite a whole of Editorial.”

Chief executive Ashley Highfield said: “Our Editorial teams are already focused on pushing a digital audiences.  We’ve seen a poignant digital mutation this year by Newsroom of a Future as we pull for an boost in sum assembly and expostulate digital revenues.

“This foe is a good approach to boost trade to a sites, while showcasing a peculiarity broadcasting behind a stories entrance from a heart of a communities we serve.”