How Removing Old Website Content Can Improve Your Traffic

Ever cruise about Google Panda? It feels a small “old hat” to speak about it, given it’s now scarcely 5 years old. But this service, that ruthlesssly searches a Internet for pages that don’t accommodate a peculiarity standards — and penalizes sites with poor content, is still value addressing. The reason: It’s still hurting sites. Panda was rolled into a categorical Google algorithm, yet semi-regular Panda updates still occur semi-regularly. 

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One opinion out there says that calm of a certain age doesn’t matter, that Google (and Panda) knows that comparison calm is mostly abandoned by readers and is some-more or reduction irrelevant. But that’s not true. Old, poor-quality calm does harm your hunt ranking, as prolonged as that low-quality calm stays on your site and is permitted to a hunt engine. 

You might be sitting on a bullion cave of mislaid SEO value we can redeem with a few elementary changes.

Six years ago and more, it was a normal to write brief blog posts, 500 difference or less, about any keyword-focused theme we could find in your niche. Certainly, a lot of that aged calm was profitable during a time. These days, though, it doesn’t magnitude up. Where a 500-word post once sufficed, currently a 1,000-word post hardly cuts it. The ideal, according to Medium, is a post that takes around 7 mins to read and is around 1,600 difference long. SerpIQ did a identical investigate a few years ago. It counted a calm of a tip 10 hunt formula for a accumulation of queries and came adult with a figure closer to 2,400 words

Identifying calm that needs work

For owners of comparison sites, we might face a daunting charge auditing your aged content. It might include hundreds or thousands of aged posts underneath 1,000 words. If usually there were an easier approach to figure out what needs to be altered and what isn’t spiteful we and can be left as is.

That’s where Panguin comes in. This tool, from Barracuda Digital, hooks into your Google Analytics implement and scans your trade history. It compares a trade available on your pages with a dates of famous Panda, Penguin and other algorithmic updates. Any page where it notices an sudden drop, it flags for you. Of course, it works usually as distant behind as you’ve had Google Analytics, since Google doesn’t lane any information before it itself existed.

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Fixing aged content

When we learn calm that doesn’t accommodate complicated peculiarity standards, it’s apparent that we have to do something about it. What should that be, though? There are a few options we can take.

  • If a calm has a seeds of something valuable, something evergreen, we can rewrite it to make it some-more valuable. Take an aged 500-word post and supplement some-more data, some-more value, some-more insight. Boost it adult to 1,500 words, 2,000 or more. For good measure, send it on another turn of graduation around amicable media.
  • If a calm is one of several brief posts on a same theme or on identical subjects, cruise merging them into one some-more profitable post. One good event for this is a aged FAQ; if your questions and answers were distant onto opposite posts with opposite URLs, that content might have been improved for SEO pre-2011. These days, though, it’s improved to combine all of those pages into a singular profitable FAQ and route a aged posts to a new post.
  • If a calm is functionally a shorter, reduction profitable chronicle of a most better, some-more new post, feel giveaway to mislay and route a aged post to a new URL. A route helps safety any value of aged incoming links.
  • If a calm is radically valueless, would be meaningless to rewrite and has small or zero in a approach of incoming links and traffic, go forward and undo it. It could be spiteful you, and there’s zero to route it to, so it’s ideally protected to delete.

There’s no contrition in deletion aged content. There’s even value to be found, if that aged calm is holding we back. Getting absolved of it, and rewriting, redirecting and improving other aged pieces of calm is like lifting a weight off your shoulders. It helps retrieve aged trade and, above all, gives Google a improved sense of a altogether normal peculiarity of your site. 

So, giveaway yourself! Cut out a lowest value calm so a a normal value calm can rise. That alone will urge your complicated trade considerably.

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