Arsenal crowned Premier League champions formed on website’s traffic

Arsenal would have been crowned Premier League champions in May had points been awarded for visitors to a club’s central website rather than how they achieved on a pitch.

Liverpool would be runners-up on a same series of points but, over a season, Arsenal fans visited their site scarcely 900,000 times some-more than did Liverpool’s.

Even if we had formulated a list formed on a sum series of visitors a top-six positions wouldn’t have changed. Ironically, Liverpool won divided during Arsenal though afterwards mislaid during home to a Gunners. Had Liverpool cumulative a home feat over Arsenal, they would have been crowned champions.

Jose Mourinho competence be good during winning on a pitch, though Chelsea fans don’t seem to like their central site much. Compared to final season’s tangible Premier League table, a Blues forsaken down to fourth though still competent for a Champions League, since Manchester City would have been sixth and personification in a secondtier European competition.

The North East was tighten though Sunderland won a bragging rights as they done a tip 10 compared to Newcastle who sat in 11th.

Burnley would have been a large winners, staying in a Premier League instead of now personification in a Championship.

Hull would still have been relegated though would have finished a joining bottom of a list on 0 points – their fans clearly don’t like a central website as most as they like their team.

QPR was an engaging one. While they finished in a relegation zone, had a joining been formed quite on sum trade to a site, they would have finished protected in 15th position – so their fans like a site though don’t revisit frequently enough.

Stats supposing by Andrew Halliday

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