ShieldSquare Takes A New Approach To Malicious Bot Traffic

While a universe of viruses has given arise to a series of antivirus companies, not slightest of that was McAfee, who we had during TechCrunch Disrupt this week in SF, a universe of bots has turn a bigger and bigger headache for calm owners. Bot trade to sites is most incomparable than tellurian trade and it can emanate a critical problem for sites.

Indeed, final year LinkedIn filed a lawsuit opposite unnamed parties after finding that bots were used to scratch information from a profiles of hundreds of thousands of users.

There are scraping bots that take content; site abuse bots that furnish spam on amicable sites (for example); and rascal bots, that can be rarely deleterious to businesses. If we can stop bots aggressive a site a wins are obvious: increasing revenues and softened site performance.

Selected from a TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Startup Alley to seem on theatre today, ShieldSquare is a association out of Bangalore, India, that has come adult with a resolution to this flourishing problem.

According to co-founder and CEO Pavan Thatha, required solutions need businesses to possibly muster an apparatus in-house or a trade to be re-routed by cloud servers. But he says ShieldSquare can be integrated into any web focus by inserting a REST API and Javascript. This exclusive height can afterwards compute tellurian and bot trade in a rarely scalable manner. It’s now used by websites in 27 countries , and is estimate a billion page views per month.

Sites regulating it embody large calm portals that don’t wish to be scrapped for their singular content, and commerce sites that wish to deflect off a bot attacks by competitors that wish to undercut them.

The Fremium subscription indication means that companies can diagnose their site and a ascent to a paid devise later.

The startup recently lifted $350,000 from a organisation of entrepreneurs and angel investors in India.

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