VAB: Yep, TV ads can lift website traffic

vabTV promotion might be a pivotal for companies looking to expostulate online traffic.

So says a investigate from a Video Advertising Bureau, a organisation that promotes a offered energy of TV ads–so take these commentary for what they are, entrance from an meddlesome party.

The group’s investigate found that 82 percent of brands showed a approach association between TV promotion and website traffic. Of a 85 companies it examined that had website trade increase, 87 percent of them had also increasing TV spending.

On normal those advertisers increasing TV spending by 22 percent and saw web trade burst by 24 percent.

Conversely, of a 40 brands that had web trade decline, 70 percent lowered TV spending, an normal of 10 percent reduce TV spending and a 9 percent diminution in online visits.

The certain association was strongest among telecom brands examined by a VAB. The organisation found that 11 telecom brands increasing TV spending, and all 11 also saw web trade increase.

On a other end, VAB says 16 restaurants increasing TV ad spending, though only 12 also saw web trade increase, for a association of 75 percent, a lowest among 6 categories of brands examined.

To download a full news from VAB, click here.

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