Don’t get burnt by Google — how to variegate your website traffic

Many companies aim to get as many nonpaid website trade from Google hunt formula pages as possible. But is that putting all a eggs in one basket? Is there an ideal commission of organic trade we should find from Google? What are some other trade mention sources brands should aim in an bid to diversify? asked these questions of hunt engine optimization (SEO) experts (via email), and any answered with best practices and real-world recommendation on how to variegate website trade referrals.

Is it a genuine risk to count on for Google hunt formula for organic (nonpaid) website traffic? 

“Relying too heavily on Google is same to relying too heavily on one income source, such as carrying one vast client,” says Brian Patterson, partner, Go Fish Digital. “If things go bad for that client, things go bad for you.”

Google is ceaselessly updating and enlightening a hunt engine algorithms, says Brett Bastello, SEO manager, Inseev Interactive. “By investing too heavily in Google, all it takes is one mistake, chastisement or algorithm refurbish for [all of] your organic trade to crash.”