I am not attending braai – Malema on entice after viral trade video

Johannesburg – EFF personality Julius Malema simplified on Tuesday that he will not be attending a braai during a home of a male whose video of a Metro Police officer went viral.

The man, Clive Naidoo, filmed a trade officer arising him with a excellent and a impertinent sell between them that followed.

The video has given left viral, with some-more than 32 000 views.

A user named TruckerDude posted a personal sum that Naidoo gives to a officer in a video, saying: “Braai this weekend. Bring cooler boxes and meat. ALL of Twitter.”

A screengrab of what appears to be Malema’s chatter comment shows a post saying: “You are all invited. I’ll privately be during this braai.”

However, a post is no longer on his account, and Malema tweeted: “I’m not attending any braai, some immature male tweeted wrong things here but a mandate.”

TruckerDude’s post was retweeted 162 times by Tuesday afternoon.

The video shows Naidoo interacting with a officer as she writes him a excellent for allegedly pushing by a red trade light.

The video starts with Naidoo saying, “I did not fire a robot”, while Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing plays from his car’s radio.

After branch down a music, he argues with a officer for shouting during him, and tells her to “make quick” since he indispensable to go for a meeting.

The officer retorts: “No we can’t make quick, we am not operative for you.”

Naidoo afterwards says: “You are operative for me… we compensate your salaries. we compensate tax.”

“And my taxation pays who, your maid?” a officer says.

She also comments on him filming a occurrence saying: “My father never see me [sic] on TV before. He will be unapproachable of me.

“You think… I’m frightened of videos. we like videos. And we are holding [film of] me with an Apple phone. we am happy since a cinema are superb.”

She also laughs during his city of residence.

She mentions that a media contingency see how she is unapproachable to do her job.