Jimmy Wales Says Wikipedia Is Losing Traffic From Google


There have been a lot of rumors about a decrease in trade Google is promulgation Wikipedia’s way. There have been reports from SimilarWeb that Wikipedia has shown a “sudden” and “massive” decrease in trade from Google’s organic hunt results.

But Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, said this week that this is not a remarkable or extreme dump in trade from Google, though rather a “long-term emanate with dwindling trade from Google.”

Wales combined that a SimilarWeb essay also misrepresents how Wikipedia needs those clicks from Google:

“It is also fake that ‘Wikipedia thrives on clicks,’ during slightest as compared to ad-revenue driven sites… The attribute between ‘clicks’ and a things we caring about: village health and thesaurus peculiarity is not nothing, though it’s not as approach as some think.”

Wales seems to be correct. Wikipedia is seeing a long-term and light decrease from Google. SearchMetrics shows this in their “SEO visibility” charts, that don’t magnitude traffic, though magnitude how manifest a website is in hunt results:


I noticed this decrease behind in March, so this has been function for a prolonged time now.

Back in a day, Wikipedia dominated Google’s hunt results. It was expected a many manifest site in a Google hunt results.

The doubt is, because is there a decrease in Wikipedia’s trade from Google? Some have theorized it competence have to do with a Google Answer box, others contend a algorithm has changed. It is tough to contend for sure, though overall, it’s transparent that Wikipedia is seeing a solid decrease in trade from Google.

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