Why isn’t my website generating new business?

All of this is to contend something really elementary nonetheless profound: we have to put work into your website to make your website put work in for you.

I remember operative with one of a clients who came to us with that classical question: “Why isn’t my website generating new business for me?” She was removing usually 59 visits per month on normal – that is a woefully-small number. It competence as good have been 0 for all a good it was doing her.

When asked what she was doing to support a website, make it visible, and indicate people to it, she blinked and said, “Nothing” – thinking, like so many business owners do, that building a website should be enough.

A few months and some targeted digital selling later, she had double her website trade by 1,000 percent, most of that was targeted and applicable from intensity business who indispensable her services.

The customer now understands a significance of doing digital selling to flue visits to a website and put it to work. A website needs support. Your grill needs roads to take business to it. It needs billboards that says, “Turn off this exit for tasty food.” It needs advertisements and word-of-mouth selling and other things to get people in a door. Then – and usually afterwards – do we get paid.

I inspire any business owners to severely weigh their company’s website and ask, “What am we doing to give my website a support it needs? Am we holding advantage of digital selling to fill my website with visitors – or am we usually anticipating that people find it anyway?”

Every website should be producing formula and generating new business for a owner. Put your website to work and reap a advantages of a website that delivers ROI.

Joey Beachum is a selling consultant with Uptick Marketing.