HCMC trade military to post car numbers of violators on website

Traffic violators who are told of their law defilement though destroy to compensate excellent for a time will have a series of their vehicles publicly posted on police’s website, according to Ho Chi Minh City trade military department.

In 2014 and a initial 6 months this year, over 42,000 drivers who disregarded trade laws and filmed by cameras have not paid fines notwithstanding they were sensitive by papers several times.

Lieutenant colonel Pham Cong Danh from a highway and railway trade military dialect in a city pronounced trade law breakers are told of their violations 3 times before being forced to do it by law coercion agencies.

Letters of presentation and papers of defilement are all sent to a People’s Committee of sentinel or kibbutz where violators have permanent residence.

Before regulating force, a city trade military dialect will publicly post a series of vehicles of violators on a website.

Driver Tran Phuong in a southern Binh Duong Province argued that, “Many drivers are pushing in Binh Duong though have their permanent chateau in executive segment hundreds of kilometers away.

“It is so distant that they can’t come behind to their localities to accept a notation of defilement to compensate fine.”

A cab motorist pronounced it is astray for cab drivers given any cab cab has dual drivers who take spin to work.

Lawyer Huynh Phuoc Hiep from HCMC Lawyers’ Association pronounced a presentation is official though ineffective.

An owners of a car is opposite from motorist and owners of ride companies can’t remember a series of all of their vehicles, he said.