County to launch trade website in credentials for a Braves

This screenshot shows a website for “Cobb Commute,” that is set to launch this month during, pronounced Sharon Stanley, a county’s Information Services Department director.


MARIETTA — The county is readying to launch a website designed to uncover Cobb residents where trade buildups are during any time of day.

A website for “Cobb Commute” is set to launch this month during, pronounced Sharon Stanley, a county’s Information Services Department director.

Stanley pronounced formulating a website cost $39,000 and was saved from a transport and informational services budgets.

“Currently, there is no additional cost incurred to run a Web application. We are hosting a website on existent IT infrastructure in a Cobb County Data Center,” Stanley said.

Commissioner Bob Ott pronounced he spearheaded a thought to move a trade website to Cobb.

“It’s designed to work identical to Google Maps … (and) will give trade information. It’ll take a highway construction and highway closures that are partial of any commissioner’s Friday updates and put it onto a map. It will also uncover trade speeds,” Ott said.

The website allows users to hunt for directions to and from any place in Cobb and shows sum about a highway blockages, construction and trade on internal roads.

On a map, roads are highlighted yellow or red to prove a astringency of a traffic. Additionally, roads where construction projects might have sealed portions of a roads are dotted with orange construction cones.

Stanley pronounced users can check a trade conditions on roads nearby their home or work before roving somewhere by acid on a website. In addition, users can see notices about highway projects designed in Cobb finished by a federal, state and internal agencies.

“The comments on it have been really positive, and we consider we’ve finished a goal,” Stanley said.

While there are other map services that uncover users trade updates, such as Google Maps, Cobb Commute accomplishes something different, according to Lynn Biggs, geographic information systems administrator with a county transport dialect and a personality on a Cobb Commute project.

Other smartphone applications and websites might yield a same trade warning service, Biggs said, though Cobb Commute also provides information about roadwork in a county.

“If there’s highway construction, we can get information on what’s going on there and a report of that closure,” Biggs said.

Ott pronounced he thinks a county’s website is higher to other mapping services since it will be operated and updated by county trade government staff.

“Some of a things we found with some of a other products that are out there … is it’s user submit and (there is) a time extent on how prolonged a information stays in there. What’s good about this is it’s totally tranquil by a trade center,” Ott said.

The website can also be used to assistance people who will transport to Braves games during SunTrust Park in Cumberland after Opening Day in open 2017. Ott pronounced he skeleton to work with Braves officials to serve rise a trade site.

“The Braves were vehement when we met with them. We talked to them, and we talked about integrating this into their application. They have an focus that when we (leave for) a track it kind of tells … what track to take, and afterwards when we get to a stadium, it will tell we go to a second building (of a parking deck) since there are spots open,” Ott said.