Pakistan’s Spy Agency ISI Tried to Tap Global Web Traffic: Report

Islamabad, Pakistan:  Pakistan’s view group ISI sought to prevent all communications flitting by a nation in 2013, a many poignant enlargement of a ability to control mass notice compartment date and rivalling that of a US and UK, according to a new news that could have implications for India.

In Jun 2013, a Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s comprehension agency, sought to rise a mass notice complement by directly drumming a categorical twine ocular cables entering Pakistan that carried many of a nation’s network communication data, Privacy International said.

“This complement would make accessible probably all of a nation’s domestic and general communications information for scrutiny, a many poignant enlargement of a government’s ability to control mass notice to date,” it pronounced in a news titled, “Tipping a Scales: Surveillance and Security in Pakistan”.

The plan is a initial Pakistani government-run centralised mass notice plan to be publicly revealed, a news expelled by a UK-based gift that defends and promotes a right to remoteness opposite a world, said.

The sum intake of information each second sought by Pakistan in a offer ask would opposition some of a world’s many absolute notice programmes, including a UK’s ‘Tempora’ and US’ ‘Upstream’ programmes.

What a ISI wanted to build, according to a ask for proposals, was a finish notice complement that would constraint mobile communications data, including Wi-Fi, all broadband internet traffic, and any information transmitted over 3G.

According to a documents, a interception activities were to be “seamless” and “must not be detectable or manifest to a subscriber”.

Since a origination of a Pakistan Internet Exchange – an communications complement that keeps many of Pakistan’s communications within Pakistan – a supervision has been means to track a infancy of Pakistan’s internet trade by a singular core fortitude with singular gateways, creation it most easier to guard internet traffic, a news said.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications, including renouned services such as Skype and Viber, are also heavily monitored, a news said.

In a tip ask for proposals from 2013, a ISI called for finish notice complement to guard “[a]ll general IP [internet protocol] traffic….at 3 alighting and 2x Satellite IPLCs [International Private Leased Circuits] sites….”.

The ISI categorically requested a complement to be scalable to accommodate destiny enlargement skeleton of a network operators it sought to tap, Privacy International pronounced in a release.